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My team and I bring you the best brass stampings made from vintage tooling, or machine dies. Most of them are made here in the United States. We offer you the industry's BEST plating finishes made in the USA, nickel free, at bargain prices. Good plating is everything! You cannot skimp on it, and at B'sue Boutiques, we never will.

EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND at B'sue Boutiques racks up CUSTOMER REWARDS POINTS be sure you create a customer account and LOG IN before you put anything in your cart. This will assure you a smooth checkout experience. It will also will rack those points up in your account and track them, allow you to use our wish list feature and view your order history!

You can read all about it here:

B'sue Boutiques Rewards Program...Points for Every Dollar You Spend!


Please enter code NEWTOBSUE into the COUPON BOX of your first order for 30.00 or more with us.

You may use this code ***one time** to get 5.00 off your very first order with us!

If you have an order of 50.00 or more you will automatically get a little package of FREE STUFF! Nice charms, beads, vintage stampings, blanks, sometimes a pretty locket or a cameo....whatever fun thing I've pulled out to share with my jewelry making pals that week!

BUT there's more! When you go up to $50.00 you can use the TAKEFIVE coupon, get 5.00 off AND we will also send you FREE STUFF! Be sure you enter that into the coupon box at the checkout!



If you do a BULK ORDER of 175.00 or more, enter code MY20 to get 20% off your entire order. Along with that you will
get free US shipping and FREE STUFF. (Please only one coupon or promotion per order). MY20 is now a permanent coupon

BE SURE that you REMEMBER to put ALL COUPON CODES into the checkout. All work perfectly when you enter them just as shown here. We can only honor coupons that come through our system, so don't forget your codes!

And again, EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND at B'sue Boutiques is recorded in your customer account and the points accrued NEVER EXPIRE, via the Rewards Program. ALSO: BE SURE TO LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT before you put anything in your account. Not only will it assure you a smooth checkout experience, but this way your points log, you can use our wish list and also check your own ordering history and even print copies of past orders.

WE NEVER SHARE private customer information with other companies. We do not glean information from customer accounts for promotionals or our newsletter list. And, It is not necessary to store payment information in your Customer Account.

SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER! B'sue Boutiques has a Sunday newsletter and a midweek newsletter. At times, I put a section of the site on sale or have a special savings code. YOU'LL FIND OUT FIRST if you get the newsletter regularly and check it!

Any extra deals we have will also be found at the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group at Facebook, as well as our B'sue Boutiques business page at Facebook.

Please note: our coupon codes are not stackable and may not be used along with gift certificates or customer rewards cash outs. They will, however, be honored with programmed automatic discounts such as site section sales, or if you go over 100.00 and get the free shipping, which again is automatic, no code necessary.