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Home > B'sue Boutiques Designer Discount Accounts

B'sue Boutiques Designer Discount Accounts

Did you know that B'sue Boutiques' prices on vintage style brass stampings is already  priced about **10% *less* than the national average** on **wholesale** designer brass product made in the United States?  So anyone who comes to visit us does well---seven designer finishes, all made in the US, and a broad line from which to choose.

It's hard for new designers to bring a line to market and be successful.  There are so many factors, and one of the biggest is price.  Pinching pennies is the name of the game;  but do you really want to buy low-end imported findings just to keep your prices down?   I don't.  I can't imagine that you do, either.

B'sue Boutiques Designer Discount Account Program is designed to help you get the best deal in the US-made findings universe:  great brass and great finishes at the lowest possible price.

Here is how it works:

  1. You will need to email B'sue at with proof of business:   a business license number, TIN, tax ID, vendor's number, whatever you have that proves that you make and sell jewelry as a business.   If you are a bead shop, this will work well for you, too, because our brass does not come in packaging that says B'sue Boutiques.   

    While packaging is great for branding---and I'm not against it!, the packaging has to be paid for by someone.  That would be the customer.  We don't use it, so you won't pay for it.   Your brass will arrive in a stapled baggie.  Period.

    After I receive your information, I will send you the code for the Designer Discount Account.   This code is yours and must not be shared with anyone else.   If you forget the code, contact me before you check out, if I have your name on the list, I will give you your code again.   Don't check out without it!

    Your information will *not* be stored on line and will NEVER be shared with anyone.  We do not harvest and sell information.

  2. With the code, you must make a 300.00 minimum order to get the discount, which is 25%.   That's the only way we can afford to do this for you, because remember:   our brass is  wholesale priced, already.  So think of the wholesale lines you may be purchasing now, and imagine them costing you 25% LESS.   That's what we're offering you----along with a broader choice of merchandise and upscale plating.

    If your order is under 300.00, you will receive the site-standard 10% off for 100.00 up (and doesn't require a code).

    Your account must be fully set up with the code before you may participate in the program. We can't administer it retroactively to an existing or past order. Please be sure you've written us with your information and are enrolled, and have been given your code. You must also send some proof of your being in business.   Usually the best thing to send is a copy of your business license or Vendor's number.   You can send that by attachment to OR by fax 330-426-9115    If your state does not require that documentation, you could send a copy of your letterhead, a business card, or a vendor's bill/invoice made out to you.

  3. All items on the B'sue Boutiques website ***EXCEPT the items in the Assemblage/Muse Lots/Kits section*** qualify for the discount.   All of our brass stampings, Swellegant, Gilder's Paste, Ice Resin, Inks, Tools....EVERYTHING gets 25% off....*except* muse boxes, kits and special deals in that ONE special section.  This is because these lots are so deeply discounted already, or the items available, are so limited. 

  4. Your large order will shipped to any address in the USA will have a ship fee of only 3.95, our low flat-fee rate.

    Outside the USA, we will investigate and send the most economical way, but you will be billed for the shipping beyond  the 3.95 which the site will charge.    Usually we help with a *small portion* of the fee, the same as we do for US buyers who get the flat fee shipping.   If you are concerned or have not purchased things from abroad, contact me and we can get you more of a idea of what they might be.   Keep in mind that not all mixed media products can be sent abroad and that many are heavy and can affect your ship fee.  I am happy to answer any questions and help you with your order.
There  is no requirement to use your code by any certain date or any certain number of times.   If you think you might use it sometime, why not just go ahead and apply?  That way, you will have your code and be ready in case you need to stock up.

Another way the account can be used is if you allow to allow your creative friends  to order along with you.   They can let you know what they would like and you can put it on your order to reach the  minimum.   Everything would be sent directly to you, sorry, we can't drop ship anything.  You would need to distribute the goods when they arrive.

Again:  while you can help your friends out by getting things for them, you may *not* share your code with another party.  Everyone who wishes a code must have proof of business, apply, and be put on the list.

This code is good on any order, any time for **in stock** orders of 300.00 or more.  If due to inventory errors we would be out of something, you would still get the discount on everything else even if the total fell below minimum, but we do not do pre-orders or back orders at this time.

The code also does not apply to special orders, which require extra time, processing and book-keeping.   Thanks for understanding.

If you have any questions, just write me at  

There is NO CHARGE for making the account for you, and you may use it-- or not use it-- *at will*.