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Jewelry Making Kits, Grab Bags, Muse Lots

Mixed Media Products

>Bezels, Mounts, Frames
>Brads and Rivets
>Charm Accents
>Design Elements, Embellishments
>Designer Inks
>Gilder's Paste
>Glue, Resin, Lacquers, Glaze
>Left and Right Stampings in Pairs
>Paints, Pearl Ex, Mica
>Resin and Patina Supplies, Kits
>Swellegant Metal Paint, Patina, Dye Oxides

Basic Jewelry Findings
>Barrette, Comb, Tiara Findings
>Beaver Tails, Up Eyes, Sig Tags
>Cameo, Stone Mounts
>Earring Findings
>Eyepins and Headpins
>Jewelry Chain
>Jump Rings
>Pinbacks and Fasteners
>Silk and Velvet Ribbons
>Strandage Bars, Bracelet, Necklace Ends

Bases and Blanks
>Cuff Bracelets
>Bezel Bracelets
>Ring Shanks
>Necklace Blanks
>Drilled Blanks
>Heart Shaped Blanks
>Round, Oval, Tag Blanks
>Brass, Copper Sheet Metal

Brass Filigree
>Raw Brass Filigree
>Filigree to Manipulate
>Filigree for Cagework, Beading

Brass Stampings (by finish)
>Raw Brass Stampings
>Brass Ox
>Aqua Copper Patina Brass
>Chocolate Kiss
>Old Rose Ox
>Satin Matte Gold Plate
>Rusty Black Patina
>Silverware Silver Plate
>Matte Black Ebony Brass

Specialty Stamping
>Bats, Insects, Snakes, Lizards
>Cats, Dogs
>Farm Animals
>Exotic Animals

Steampunk Jewelry Supplies
>Clocks, Watch Parts
>Gears, Cogs, Wheels
>Art Bubbles and Lenses

Lockets, Pendants, Charms
>Heart, Key, Sentimental Vintage Style Charms
>Puffy Heart Charms
>Charms for Painting, Resin Inlay
>French & Foreign Language Charms
>Vintage Style 50's-70's Era Charms, Pendants
>Vintage Design Elements
>Just Hearts

>Bead Caps
>Beading Cord and Wire Supplies
>Button Cabochons and Cuff Link Tops
>Filigree Beads
>Glass Pendants
>Jewelry Wire
>Vintage Glass Beads
>Vintage Plastic Beads

Flower, Leaf Findings and Beads
>Brass Roses
>Brass Flower Petals to Layer, Rivet
>Brass Leaves
>Filigree Leaves
>Tulip Beads, Lily Drops, Shamrocks
>Glass Flower and Leaf Beads
>Plastic Flower, Fruit, Leaf Beads
>Resin and Plastic Flowers

>Bulk Vintage Glass Stones
>Czech, German Glass Focal Stones
>Flatback Rhinestones
>Intaglios, Reverse Painted Cabochons
>Jewelry Repair Stones
>No Hole Pearls & Pearl Cabs
>Ceramic Flowers
>Vintage Glass Stones

Tools for Making Jewelry
>Jewelry Accessories
>Basic Jewelry Making and Repair Tools
>Metal Shears, Hole Punches, Files
>Pliers, Calipers
>Anvils, Bench Blocks, Letter Punch Sets, Hammers
>Polishing Cloths & Cleaners

Gift Certificates

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Jewelry Making Kits, Grab Bags, Muse Lots

Jewelry making kits are a great way to learn or to make a pretty gift in a snap!    Most kits will be linked to a video or a tutorial here at the B'sue Boutiques website and you will find that information in the description for the kit. 

We can also make custom kits for you in certain cases, feel free to use the CONTACT US button on the site to ask.   

Some like to ask for a custom kit, such as things to embellish old keys, or make cameo jewelry, for example.   Then they will include along with our gift certificates.   You will find our Gift Certificates here: 

 Kits get a new jewelry maker started, and the gift certificate allows them to come back and add things to their craft baskets and storage drawers.  It's like a gift that continues to provoke new creativity!  AND:  it's a GREAT gift idea!

You will also occasionally find Muse packages in this section.  Muse packages are random bags of things from my shop and website.  Often people say they contain things they would never have thought to purchase but are glad to get, as they find the items inspire new ideas.  

They are like a surprise bag full of stampings, beads, chain, sometimes vintage items, offered  at about 15-20%  off what they would normally cost, if they were sold separately.

We'd love to hear your ideas for Jewelry Making Kits as well as videos!  The B'sue Boutiques Design Team will be exploring many new easy-peasy ideas and ways to get you motivated in your artistic endeavors. 

Find my many FREE jewelry making videos here at You Tube: