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  Home > Medallic Florallic by Hilary Frye of FryeStyle
  Medallic Florallic by Hilary Frye of FryeStyle

I was the lucky recipient of some "Janice Mae Paperbeads" from B'sue to test for a guest teacher spot. I was immediately enthralled by the colors and patterns of these glossy paper beads. No two are alike, even though they will all have the same bicone shape upon rolling them!

The Kit consists of 1 bamboo and 1 metal roller, and triangle strips of paper. You will also need the Vibrance Paper Bead Glaze to make them water resistant and for the glossy shine. Making the beads is a great project while watching TV or listening to your favorite podcast. You could even download a new audiobook or music CD. It should be a stress-free and fun environment for rolling beads. For more information, you can watch B'sue's how-to YouTube video or go to the paper beads website (

The finished beads work great with mixed metals. And you can decide what colors to feature as accents. I chose sky blue, sunflower, and graphite.

The necklace length will vary based on neck and torso size. You must customize it to fit.

Note: This project is designed for adults. Some materials may be toxic and must be used with caution.

needle nose pliers
chain nose pliers
wire cutter

E6000 adhesive ZOYA (Loredana Matte) nail polish
Beadalon Wire Guardians
crimp tubes
.012 Beading wire
4-ply waxed linen thread
(1) Rolled Edge Mount SKU Number:bezel21 (2) Smaller Eight Spoked Leaf Centerpiece SKU Number:fig27 (1) Eight Spoked Leaf Centerpiece SKU Number:fig21 (1) Pierced Leaf Tea Rose SKU Number:rox003
(1) leaf drop
(2) Filigree Connector Circlet SKU Number:rox07625 (1) Copper Ox Lobster Clasps SKU Number:clasp6
(3 ft.) Etched Rolo Chain SKU Number:chn0741
(1 ft.) Rose Ox/Copper small etched cable chain
(1) Extra Large RAW Brass Necklace Crescent SKU Number:base01790
(4) 1028 SS39 (Foiled) Sunflower XILION Chaton
(19) 4mm faceted Czech glass beads citron/azuro
Let's Make Paper Beads: Fun and Easy Kit
Janice Mae's VIBRANCE Paper Bead Glaze
(3) crocheted flowers

Note: Curing time is important. This is not a fast process. You must let the crescent base dry adequately before layering coats of nail polish.

1. Degrease the metal stampings prior to use. Rub the crescent base with 0000 steel wool to give it tooth.

2. Move to a ventilated area, room temperature 70°F, and low humidity. Brush 2-3 thin coats of nail polish onto entire front of crescent base. (Let dry between coats.) (ZOYA brand is very strong and salon quality - this particular color looks like graphite.)

3. Attach rolled edge mount to crescent base with E6000 glue. Let dry.

4. Using 18" waxed linen cord and a large eye needle, string on beads to large eight spoked leaf centerpiece going around and around bead by bead and through the centerpiece hole with the needle and waxed linen. Beads should be centered in between the petals. Knot after first bead and knot again at the end. Trim extra cord.

5. Using E6000, glue spoked and beaded piece to the rolled edge mount. Also glue Swarovski chaton to center. Let dry.

6. Layer filigree connector circlet (paying attention to connector rings so they lay in between petals) and Swarovski chaton on top of smaller eight spoked leaf centerpiece. Glue set with E6000. Repeat process for the second set. Let dry.

7. String paper beads and 4mm Czech beads onto two sets of 15" beading wire. String a crimp tube on each end. Then string each end of the wire into one side of the wire guardian. You will be criss-crossing the wires and doubling back through the opposite wire guardian and crimp tube end. Pull tight to take up slack and squeeze crimps flat with chain nose pliers. Use wire cutter to trim excess wire. The wires will be a tight fit in the guardian but this works as a nice finish to protect the wire from wear.

8. Attach chain to components with jump rings. Here's where adjustments can be made - you need to determine the final neck length before attaching the lobster claw on the copper chain and where you want to gather the brass chain and attach the leaf with a jump ring. I used 12" of copper chain and 46" of brass chain. Note the five link sections cut from the copper chain that hold the crescent and smaller spoked pieces together with jump rings. And, the brass chain is cut into two separate graduated lengths.

9. Glue on the crocheted flowers to the backs of the smaller spoked centerpieces and on top of the brass leaf with E6000. Let dry.

Note: It all depends on the wearer, and the size and thickness of the crocheted flower...but, the ends of the smaller eight spoked centerpiece could be bent upwards and curled away from the neck with nylon jaw pliers, to avoid poking.

10. Wear and store the necklace properly to avoid abrasion to the painted finish. (I did not seal the crescent base because it would take away from the matte velvet texture of the nail polish.)

Hilary Frye is an artist, designer, and instructor that lives by the motto: "hunt, gather, create, share". She graduated with a B.A. Art Education, K-12 with an emphasis in fibers and design. Please visit her online at

Would you like to design a project for our website? All designers will get full credit, links to their website and a gift certificate to spend any way they like at B'sue Boutiques website. Contact B'sue for details at