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German Silver Gilder's Paste

German Silver is a unique, deep, rich color, a dark silver with a greenish edge...I'm nuts about it! Gilder's Paste is a colorization agent very similar in consistency---and even, a little in aroma!--to shoe polish. It is a highly concentrated metallic/colorful wax-based paste that can be applied to wood, iron, metal, pottery, polymer clay beads, picture frames, even gourds! Apply with your finger, a soft brush or a cloth (I like finger and cloth!) in a circular motion to create unique finishes. You can layer colors, or mix them. Thin with small am'ts of paint thinner to make the paste into a cream, paint, stain or even a washed appearance. The small can is 27 ml or 1.5 ounces, and covers about 30 square a can of this stuff, even the small one we carry, will go a long, long way! Drying time depends on materials, but usually 5-10 minutes for touch dry, and 12 hours for a full cure. Will accept overcoats such as UV solvent based clear lacquer, matte and glossy spray lacquer, resin (I am finding, so far, that Diamond Glaze is best, will try ICE and let you know!) After fully dry, you could also just burnish to a lovely luster, and not seal the product. Experiment! Clean up with soap and water. Be sure to check out all the cool Gilder's Paste colors we offer!
SKU Number: gp-germansilver
Sale Price: $9.50  Regular Price: $9.50  
Quantity Available: 4