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The Vault: Collectible 1928® Jewelry Company Pieces

In this section we are so excited to offer you a number of rare, limited edition 'reprise' (not reproduction) pieces from The 1928 ® Jewelry Company, going back over the years. We will also be offering some timeless pieces that are not easy to find as well as one of a kind pieces and vintage pieces from the 'sacred black box' at the company.

The 'sacred black box' is a small box that was kept in Mr. Bernie's (CEO and owner) office since the beginning of the company. It contained many unique mid-Victorian to Art Deco antique pieces of jewelry, many in sterling and some, even in karat gold. Many of these pieces were the inspiration for some of the cast pieces first made in the late 70's and 80's. The pieces were collected up during trips to Europe and even as far back as when he was in the service, before the company was even a thought OR a dream. Some were collected by David Alverson, head design co-ordinator for the company 1980-2010. His influence is seen on many of the lines and pieces from that period.

Many prototype pieces were created from these pieces as well as some of the first models. They are part of the company's history. Mr. Bernie felt that it was time to allow collectors who would appreciate them, to have them. If you see a 'black box' treasure that speaks your name, please know that you are purchasing company history along with the piece. Once they are sold down.....there are NO MORE.

You will also find limited edition reprise COMPONENTS here that just don't work for the B'sue by 1928 line, but may be desirable as personal treasures. You would not be able to buy them anywhere else, and our stock of them would be very limited. Once we sell them down, we will not have them again.

****PLEASE NOTE: Coupons and rewards points cannot be cashed out for Vault 1928 pieces, including the NEWTOBSUE code. They are already discounted, or may be one-off's from the design room samples at the factory which have been consigned to us, or they may be extremely rare, such as the black box items. The price quoted truly is the least we can accept at this time. Thank you for understanding and remembering that they are already discounted.****.

As always, points toward rewards on all the other goodies at B'sue Boutiques will accrue on your purchases made at this section. You will still get those valuable rewards points, on every purchase made at this website.


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