Annual B'sue Boutiques Workshop


Our annual workshop will be held MAY 15-17, 2020 as planned...but there's a big change to the format! Because as many as we can need to stay at home and not be traveling this spring, we had to cancel the in-person event. Instead, there will be a THREE DAY LIVE VIDEO class with MANY bonuses, things I couldn't even do at the hotel because of a few limitations at that venue. Now we can REALLY make a mess!! Even better, many who really never would have had the means or health to travel to us here in Ohio will now have the opportunity to get in on an intensive teaching session.

There will be THREE FULL DAYS of real-time fun and laughter--and learning! We'll get together in a special private Facebook classroom, just like I conduct the BALC class and the Responsible Repurposing class. We'll carry on via LIVE VIDEO in that classroom on Facebook, where you can comment and ask questions!

Friday we will have LIVE video class beginning at 10:00 am EST and going til about noon. At that time, we'll break for lunch, and come back on about 1:30 and stay on til 3:15-3:30 pm area (again, EST time---Ohio time.) I will be available to answer questions in the group feed in between sessions and after, too. If you are having trouble, you can show us what you are doing by uploading a photo to the group, and suggestions will be given. If you don't understand, you can ask about it, I will respond. You can also go back and watch the LIVE session video over and over again if you like. The videos will be housed in the classroom, and no one may see them except class members.

Saturday, we will have morning video at the same time, afternoon video at the same time, and a short evening session from 6-7:15-7:30 area.

On Sunday, we will have a LIVE session in the afternoon from 2-4:00 pm EST.

The classroom will stay open for a MONTH, until June 15, 2020. This way you can continue to post questions about what we did in class, upload photos of your work, and watch the videos over and over if you like. There will be one last live session video as well: Somewhere at the beginning of June, we'll another LIVE video will for this class ONLY.

At the end of our time together, Javi says she can move the videos to YOU TUBE...where you can continue to watch them more if you like. They will be private videos, just for the class members, though.

Remember, if you can't get to the videos in real-time, NOT TO WORRY. Facebook saves them and you can go back and view them over and over again in the classroom group.

The classes will not be like our live hangout party videos on YouTube. They be fun, but they will be VERY structured and planned. We will be exploring all kinds of resin: two-part (like ICE Resin, the resin I generally use) UV resin which you use with a nail light, such as they use in a salon; and Ceralun two-part epoxy clay.

We will also explore how to make bezels out of heavy gauge wire and then fill them with resin, how to make little collages in resin, how to use MERMAID SAND, and how to make resin paper, how to make resin 'gems.'

Then, we'll also learn about making beads from sari ribbon and fiber, as well as hopefully, Tyvek beads, which are SO cool, I'm nuts about them--I know you will be, too.

AND...we may do a few other little bonus things since we'll have the group classroom for a whole month! So we can!

Fee for the three-day class is ***$115.00.*** This includes all my time to prepare the class, teach it, Javi's time as she is generally my helper for things like this and then the fact that I will present bonus material and be 'on-call' for the classroom group for a whole month. When you consider the time put into making this happen, the fee is very little.

How to pay? Contact me by Facebook message or you can email me at You can also call here to the office if you would like. We accept all cards except American Express, and we also do PayPal. So if you want to pay by PayPal, give us your email for PayPal and we will bill you.

You can get in touch with me and pay your fee any time from March 23, 2020, up to May 13, 2020.

About supplies: They aren't included in the fee of course, but some of the items you will need are things you probably already have:

  • cutters and pliers
  • small inclusions and things to embed or embellish beads
  • wire
  • tissue paper

Some may have resin already. Any brand you think is good is fine.

If you want to work along with the class, you will need a UV light such as they use in salons to cure resin nails. I recommend you buy a large one with room for a lot of bezels. I like the ones that have variable settings, too. I will be buying some lights soon, so if you want to get one, let me know. OR anyone that you find on your own, is usable.

I will also have a supply kit ready in about a month that will include a lot of the other things you'll need. You can buy it if you need help gathering supplies; or, you can gather your own, either way, is fine. If you just want to watch the videos and see what we're doing, that's fine too, and you can get your supplies together later. The supply kit will have a lot of items in it, so it will cost close to 90.00 with heavy shipping. If you are outside the US, it will cost a bit more because of international shipping.

If you get the kit, we'll have it to you in plenty of time for the class, so long as you order it soon enough. That would probably be somewhere early in May.

We're going to have a wonderful time this year, and maybe sometimes you can come for the Workshop here in Ohio, too. It's an incredible experience, but since this year we are dealing with circumstances outside our control, we have to take those lemons and make lemonade. And really, many more can enjoy the workshop. I think from now on, I'll have the live one at the hotel as always, but then---do a repeat of it by video just as we are doing this time, for those who couldn't make it!

One last note: the only way I can refund is if somehow there is no way I can follow through and do the workshop. Even if something comes up and you can't be present for the class in real-time, you can always come and view it later....over and over again! So there will be no need to cancel, anyway!

Please join us!

Brenda Sue Lansdowne at Facebook