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January Mini Assemblage Class

WELCOME to the B'sue January Class!

The January 2022 Class will be about MINI ASSEMBLAGE. In this class I will teach you how to make a sweet little brooch I sold hand over fist in the 90's to my many store accounts. I've never shown anyone how to make it except assistants....until now. It's fun, easy and will get your juices flowing for lots more small-piece assemblage projects. Besides that darling pin (which for me is mini assemblage at its best, LOL!) there are other ideas and projects I want to share with you, too!

The class will take place on **Friday, January 28, 2022. It will last 3-3.5 hours, from10 am-1pm EST**, and it's a live session appearing at YouTube. Only class students get the URL to watch. Take a moment to peruse the particulars so you'll know what to expect:

All class students who have paid the 30.00 fee receive permanent access to this video. That means, if you can't make it in real time, no can enjoy it whenever you like. And after that, EVERYONE may enjoy the video repeatedly year after year, as the class will belong to you. We only ask that you do not share the private URL with others who have not paid for the class. Thanks for understanding. ;-)

All class students who have paid their fees will be placed in a special Facebook classroom group, starting January 25th. If you are a student and we are not friends on Facebook yet, PLEASE send me a friend request as it makes it very easy to put you in class. So please contact Brenda Sue Lansdowne on Facebook and send me a friend request.

In the classroom Facebook group, student will retrieve the URL for the class on the DAY OF the class video. So we ask everyone to first gather in class, and then find the link, click it, and join us in the private class at You Tube. If you've taken my classes over the last year or so, it's the same as we did before. The classroom will remain open for two weeks after the class is over, so we can share photos and discuss ideas, discoveries and finished projects.

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT ON FACEBOOK and still would like to be in class, we have that all worked out! You **would** miss the classroom where we share pictures and ask questions, but you absolutely can be a part of the fun at You Tube. And if the timing is bad for you, you can still sign up and buy the class, and watch it ANY TIME. **If you are purchasing the class and ARE NOT on FACEBOOK, please give me a heads up by writing me at This way I can give you the custom private URL for the class. **

The class fee is 30.00 and you can find the link for it going right on down this page, click to put it into your cart. No coupons may be used to purchase B'sue classes or kits.

We do have a class kit (just keep scrolling, you will find it further on down the page) but you will probably want to gather these things, too:

  • E6000 glue
  • Apoxie Sculpt, if you have some (if you don't, we do!)
  • More small button of your choice
  • Toothpicks
  • Pointy tool
  • Needle Nose Tweezers
  • Non-stick craft mat
  • Chain to make necklaces
  • Ear wires to make earrings
  • Tiny stampings and other interesting small pieces from your own stash

If you want a kit, please note there is a link for US kits and another for International kits. The US kit ship fee is included in the price. If you live outside the US, select the International kit. Both kits are the SAME STUFF, but the International has the ship fee built in for you, too, so there are no surprises. What you pay is what it costs, and you will not be billed back more for us to send this kit.

Please put the kit and the class in the cart together on one invoice and pay your bill
. You can include other things, too...but! It's a good idea to expedite receipt of your order to Priority Mail. There is a link at the checkout where you can click to get Priority shipping.

If you are outside the States, you may put other things in the cart but Jordan may need to bill you for a bit more shipping depending on weight besides the class kit.

After you've pushed your order through, it doesn't hurt to email me at to tell me you're paid up and to put you on the class list so that I get you into the Facebook group for the class on time!

Hope to see you in class!