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Matte Clear Sealant Smart Coat For Metals 8oz

Matte Clear Sealant, Smart Coat For Metals, Polymer Sealant, 8oz

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Smart Coat is an easy to use urethane/resin sealant for all metal surfaces. Once dry, it forms a durable top coat that resists UV damage, humidity, abrasion, and corrosion. Smart Coat has zero VOC, no odor, and is non-hazardous. It is terrific over polished metal, rust, and other patina finishes. It does not tend to change the color of a patina.

Smart coat is designed to provide a durable, clear, air drying, auto-leveling, fast drying, and tarnish resistant protective film. It's also a water based polymer making it ideal for interior application due to its lack of smell. It has excellent adhesion to all metals including bronze, brass, and copper. Due to its unique chemistry, orange peel is virtually nonexistent. Smart coat is water white, mar resistant, air dry and curing. perspiration resistant, repairable, UV and weather resistant, ready to use, and easy to apply.

Directions: The life and quality depends greatly upon the preparation of the receiving surface, Surfaces ready to be coated should be dry and free of any contaminants, moisture, and/or oils. Careful selection of commercial metal cleaners are crucial due to the possibility of introducing harmful residues. Metal cleaner and degreaser is the recommended cleaner.

DO NOT use acetone or any solvent based cleaners. If using Smart coat over bare metal, cleaning is of the most importance. DO NOT use on polished materials. If using Smart coat over another coating or patina, follow all instructions for that coating or patina leading up to and including the clear coat portion. Store in temperatures between 50-90 F.

Important Notice
: Unseen moisture may be in the metal surface that will interfere with the clear coat. Especially on humid days or earlier in the day, moisture will be undetectable to the bare eye. Trapped moisture will manifest itself as a cloudy coating and/or as a possible bonding problem. Oxidation, such as rust, can also develop over time. To prevent this, warm or heat the metal with a torch or hear gun prior to clear coating. If this done, you should notice a shadow of water dissipate across the surface. Allow the metal to cool to room temperature for a few minutes, then proceed to apply the clear coat. Handling/Mixing: shake thoroughly before using, for the Matte versions, ensure all matting agent is suspended before us.2 coats are recommended but more will provide more protection. Thinning should not be necessary.

: Apply 2-3 light coats, make sure that the first layer saturates the patina. Smart coat works well when sprayed, brushed, rolled, or flow coated. Some application methods may show if the coating dried faster than it can level out. For best result, spray the Smart coat. Cure Time: Smart coat cures about 48-78 hours after final application of smart coat depending on conditions. The colder it is, the longer it takes to cure- DO NOT force Smart Coat dry with heart or air. Clean Up:Water works best for cleanup

WARNING!Do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear vapor respirator, protective clothing, eye protection and gloves. This material will stain almost any surface it comes in contact with.

FIRST AID: If on skin, wash with soap and water. Flush with water for 15 minutes if in eyes. If ingested, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or the label. Seek medical attention for any side effects from using this product. Keep out of reach of children. Sold by the package.

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Matte Clear Sealant, Smart Coat For Metals, Polymer Sealant, 8oz



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