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Vintage Mandolin Locket Necklace, 1928 Jewelry Company, Locket Necklace, Custom Made, Antique Gold Finish
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This is a precious, very rare limited edition 1928 jewelry mandolin locket that you can't buy anywhere but here at our website. Let me tell you about it:

Not long ago, my daughter in law, Lauren, found one on Poshmark, and she got it for me. She innately knew this one had to be very special; most figural lockets are. Right away I shot Mel Bernie, the owner of 1928 Jewelry, a photo and asked him about it. He said this one was one they never made many of. He asked me if I'd like him to see if he could find the old models/molds and check if they could still make jewelry. The molds/models were found, and after a bit of negotiating, I convinced them to make me thirty as limited edition reprises of this wonderful vintage piece.

Well, making a two piece mold locket to fit up right with the hinge is not for the faint of heart. This one was a bit of a bear, probably why they never made many. As a result, Mr. Bernie says this is it, and he's not making anymore.
And that if he were selling them, they would never cost so little as this one does---for what it is.

My short inventory is all there is in the world (only 12 remain) unless you just happen to find one yourself along the bunny trail, LOL. That's not likely, either. I only got mine by a sheer FLUKE.

They are gorgeous on a 30 inch long chain with 2.5 inch mandolin locket, inside 22 x 18mm. Yours is a perfect match to mine, the very same piece made by the same skilled hands. If you collect 1928,this necklace is the one for the books. I'll probably be including it in the photos for MAKING IT 1928, which is the story of the 1928 Jewelry Company, hopefully off the presses late summer of 2019 or early fall 2019.

Watch the video before for a better view of this wonderful necklace ↓ . is a story to go with it---we had some fun with this one!

The Mandolin Locket

One winter's day a pretty young girl stepped out for a walk in the light, falling snow. She took the same walk on a woodland path every afternoon: it was such a delight to take a break and get out into the fresh air. Today there was no wind; only lacy snowflakes falling, drifting out of the sky like precious crystals, gifts from heaven. What a joy just to hold her face to the sky and let them gently fall on her hair, eyelashes, and the collar of her woolen cloak. So peaceful, not a sound to be heard; it was as if the cares of her life did not exist in this brief moment of time.

Then, just a few steps in front of her she saw a quick flash of light, a glimmer....what was it? Coming closer, she saw it was a beautiful piece of jewelry, half-hidden in a small white drift. Picking it up gently, she began to examine every detail. It was a locket, a golden locket with jet black stones. She had never held something so wonderfully made in her own hands. Carefully opening it, she discovered a note inside that said, "This is for you." What did that mean? Who did the locket belong to and why was it here in the snow?

What should she do? Her heart said keep it! But her conscience said, no....she needed to look for its owner, first. The note inside said "for you", so it must have been someone's cherished gift.

Suddenly she heard footsteps coming down the path toward her. Looking up, she saw a handsome young man she'd often seen in town when she went out to do her errands. He was smiling as if he knew her....and she was puzzled, because she had never spoken to him. Should she run away and leave the locket in the snow?

Before she could do anything, the young man asked, "What treasure have you found?”

She looked up at him, startled, and wrapped her hand tightly around the locket. “Excuse me?”

“I saw you bend over and pick something up in the snow. What did you find?”

She ignored the question, then studied the path before her. There were no footsteps leading away from her, only steps behind her. Finally, she looked at the young man who waited patiently.

“This is so strange. I found this beautiful locket. It is the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen. I know the rightful owner must be heartbroken. But there only footsteps leading to where I found it. And none going further. And it has the most curious note inside.”

With that he smiled. “Perhaps I should help you put it on?”

“Oh no!" was her swift reply. "I’d rather you help me find the owner; it must have slipped from a pocket or a purse. You know she has to be going crazy trying to find it.”

“Well"....he said with a wry smile...."You are the owner. I left it there, knowing that you and you alone would find it. I know you always come walking out here, so you picked the locket up, just as I had hoped. And I put the note inside, because it really is just for you.

And now that you have found my gift, let’s grab a cup of coffee and I'll tell you more about it. It's cold out here.”

Bewildered, she followed him.

And now, many years later, she said,

"That is the story of how I met your grandfather! Now my little munchkins, time to get ready for bed!"

A collaboration of B'sue, who wrote just the beginning paragraphs, and Susan Bowerman of Woodside Wireworks, who wrote the ending from the time she encountered the young man. We had a contest at the Creative Group! WHAT FUN! One of our pals said, "Why this is like assemblage with words!"

Find us at Facebook right here:

And don't forget to watch the video just below. It shows her finding the locket!

Vintage Mandolin Locket Necklace

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