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Winter 2023 Workshop: Build A Line Master Challenge

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As a jewelry maker/designer, have you ever wondered: How can I pull my jewelry-making act together so that everything I make looks like **I** made it, in my own way and style (cohesively)? Is there a way that I can make better jewelry with fewer 'parts'? How do I learn to blend my ideas with what people like to wear and are trendy these days?

Welcome to the Winter 2023 Workshop! This year we are offering something *really* special. After a three-year hiatus, we're offering the *New* Build-a-Line Master Challenge Class. And ALL those questions and more! will be discussed in our LIVE video sessions and in our special group classroom.


Class starts from January 27, 2023 and goes for 6 weeks.They sessions will be on FRIDAYS, from 12:30-4:00 pm EST (this makes it easier for students on the West Coast to attend in real time). During the video classes, students will not only participate LIVE but !! they will build a cohesive line of jewelry with any theme or in any style they choose. We'll talk about the lines as they are developed, but the whole theme/design line will not be revealed until the END of the six weeks. You may make any style or do any theme you want to do, but as before--we do ask that you use B'sue Boutiques products when you build your line--especially the visible ones. (Beading cord, wire, jumps, head and eye pins, small clasps etc don't matter).

The reason we ask that you use supplies primarily from B'sue Boutiques is because we like to promote the photos of students' work.The lines for this challenge are always very special and I love to show them off! But for me to do on that our branded pages, you must be using visible items you've purchased at B'sue Boutiques. Doesn't matter when you bought them, they just have to be B'sue. Could be that quite a few out there already have what they need, too! So long as it's B'sue, it flies in this class.

Your patronage of our website is also what's allowed me to cost this workshop out for less, this time. The price has never been this low! Isn't that great--right in the middle of winter, a kick in the creative backside might be just what you need! A lower cost will help you to manage it, too.

In the last few years since BALC, times have changed a bit. Fewer are actively selling at Etsy, but many *are* doing summer markets and holiday shows. How does the business end of things apply nowadays? And what IF you want to go for the brass ring, how does THAT work? Well, I can tell you all about it, as that's what my book, MAKING IT 1928: The Story of the 1928 Jewelry Company is all about. It tells you how it's done, if you go big...and how it's done if you stay small--but want to make a sideline income, or be a self-supporting artist. If you don't have a copy yet, you'll find them on our website; and there are printed copies for sale.

OR: if you would like a FREE copy of the book via EPUB, (where you get a link to download it to your phone or tablet) simply put a copy of the FREE EPUB version in your cart when you purchase this class and we'll send to you shortly. Don't forget---for the site to download it to your device, you DO have to put it in a cart and check it out. There is no ship fee for the EPUB.

Considering there's a lot of water over the dam and new things to consider since the last BALC (three years ago), I'll need to re-write the entire class. That's a major overhaul--a LOT of work---but you will have benefit of my labors not only in the videos, but you'll be able to print out the new modules to save!

And as always, when you purchase a class from me---if there is video, you own it for life---or at least, for as long as there is a YouTube! (We house them there under a secret URL that only students are supposed to have).

There's also a Facebook classroom where you can pick up links to new discussions, share photos when appropriate, ask more questions. I will be very available to class members.

I'll fill in more as time goes on. I don't know about you, but I'm getting excited about it already. ANYONE can join us; if you don't like Facebook, skip that part, I'll just need to know you aren't so I can get the links to you by email. But since this class is virtual---you can do it in real time or catch up the video modules when convenient-- we will NEVER be too full. The more the merrier!

If you have questions, please call the office Mon-Friday 9-5 pm EST 1-800-868-4393. Ask for me, B'sue, and I'll be glad to help. It's best to use this link to pay for your class, but if you would rather pay over the phone, it's fine to call for that reason, too. Always!.

And a week or two before class begins, I will put you in the special Facebook classroom we'll use for the challenge---a brand new one, all organized nicely for you. So if you pick up the class, might be good to friend me at FB so I can put you in the class easily. If you'd rather not, then message me and as soon as I see the message I will okay it so we can talk and I think I can use that to get you in, or at least send you the class URL so you can do it, yourself. Messages at Facebook go to Brenda Sue Lansdowne.

Class kits and classes are non refundable and can't be transferable to gift certificate.

Please,****** no coupon codes/gift certificates may be applied toward the purchase of this class-thanks for understanding!***** If a code is applied to this class by mistake, we forgive you!! LOL But we will have to bill you back for the difference. ;-)

Winter 2023 Workshop: Build A Line Master Challenge



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