My Rewards Program

Now, for every dollar you spend at B'sue Boutiques Vintage Jewelry Supplies website, you get a credit that will add up to a cash reward!

Let me explain how it works as simply as possible:

First, the site automatically gives you ONE POINT for every dollar spent. This automatically goes into your customer account.

You can easily track the points by logging into your account at B'sue Boutiques and then go to the bottom of your account dashboard where it says MY REWARDS.

You'll see, when you click on it to view it, that it says

Available points, and then
Pending points

Next to available points, it will tell you what is accessible to you RIGHT NOW.

Pending points shows you points from on a recent order that have not quite cleared into your account.

**Don't be 'thrown' by the little box that says 500 with the REDEEM NOW button next to it. This is just a little reminder that you must have accrued 500 points to cash in and get a reward (which will be money off your next order!)**

So again, ONE DOLLAR SPENT = ONE POINT. You can't cash them out til you reach 500. But at that time, your 500 points are worth a 25.00 cash reward, which will be money taken off your order!

Here is a screenshot of instructions on how to cash out your points when you have enough:

The first highlighted field in the screenshot (We were still working on this at this writing)should by now say IMMEDIATELY as soon as the points become available (last order marked shipped/complete by us). And again, one dollar = one point.

You don't HAVE to cash them out at 500, either. THESE POINTS DO NOT EXPIRE. You can let them build, if you like. For example, 1,000 points would get you a 50.00 cash reward! Also, if you have over 500 you don't have to use them all at once, if you don't want to. You can allow them to build!

Points accrue on the SUBTOTAL of your order. This is after savings coupons come off, and shipping fees do not count for points, either.

Points also accrue only on full dollars and they don't round up. So if say, your subtotal was 85.65, your points would still be 85.

Your points don't appear as available until your order is marked shipped/complete on this end, which is usually 1-3 days. YOUR POINTS DO NOT EXPIRE.

To get the SURE to go to your MY REWARDS and CASH THEM OUT .....***before*** you put anything in your cart and begin shopping, if you want to use them. Once you cash out, they will come off the NEXT order you place. You don't have to enter a code or anything. They will just queue up in your account ONCE YOU CASH THEM OUT. They will automatically load into you account ready to automatically come off the VERY next order, in the amount they are worth.

It's time to start watching for those points to build up. When you hit 500 or more, click the REDEEM NOW button, when you are ready to use them. Then they will go on the VERY NEXT order you place.

**Remember, you are the one who must track them and you are the one who must cash them out. We can't do that for you.**

Also, the cash reward also does not accrue more points when you cash it out.

EVERYONE gets a present! No matter how large or small their order is. It may not come wrapped up in a random box like this....

But EVERYONE who shops with us will eventually have enough credits to get something special, something they can CHOOSE for THEMSELVES, according to their own needs.

We want to **thank** EVERYONE for choosing B'sue Boutiques as their source for highest quality jewelry findings, vintage jewelry supplies, and goods to make mixed media jewelry. We treasure the constant support of so many loyal customers over the many years we have been in business. Our goal is always to inspire you, support you, and offer you great supplies at excellent prices!

(This program was implemented at about 5pm EST July 15, 2015. Points accrue in all orders placed since then and are not retroactive).