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The color will remind you of old vintage silverware polished to a lustrous glow! The plating bath used over the brass base is 99 percent PURE SILVER, the highest silver content in the plating trade. This finish is so high in silver content that it will yield to Liver of Sulfur (to darken, or iridize if you want to dip it) *just* as sterling does. It cleans easily with a soft polishing rag and does not tend to tarnish quickly, if at all.

There is nothing quite like the fine silver finish we sell at B'sue Boutiques. Yes, you'll find it costs a bit more than our other lines of stampings... but our customers say all the time that it's WORTH it! And, we will not sacrifice quality by offering you a cheaper finish.

So many silver finishes flake, are brittle, cannot be manipulated because they will PEEL. Some are not silver at all, but what they call a 'white' finish, which is quite inexpensive and it looks like it, too! Other silver finishes are full of nickel. Our silverware finish has NO NICKEL, and it is plated on high grade brass sheet that we ask for by name.

I guarantee you that once you try our SILVERWARE SILVER PLATED finish, you'll want nothing else. It's just that good.
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Locket Key Stamping, Silverware Silverplate, 24mm
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