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The Vault: Collectible 1928® Jewelry Company Pieces

In this section we are so excited to offer you a number of rare, limited edition 'reprise' pieces from The 1928® Jewelry Company, going back over the years.

A reprise piece is not a reproduction but is a faithful continuation of a design style. It is as if one day it was discontinued and another they began to make it again. From time to time I may also have a product that perhaps was only offered in silver, but now I have a limited run, in gold. I might feature some collector's pieces from their current lines at excellent discounts.

In time, we may create pieces from very old molds that have not been made into jewelry in many years, pieces that may not work for the B'sue by 1928® line, but that would be awesome made into finished goods with a few new vintage embellishments. Most of the things you will find here will be in VERY limited quantities, collector's quality, things to keep and cherish. Yes, some will be found only here at B'sue Boutiques.

Others are personal favorites and stepped out from the product line.

**Please note**: Some of these items have limited availability. Some will not be made again. All are already discounted, as well. It will be rare that anything here will be sold at full retail.

So, we will not be able to honor further discounts like coupons or points rewards for Vault 1928 pieces. As always, points toward rewards on all the other goodies at B'sue Boutiques will accrue on your purchases made at this section. So, yes! You will still get those valuable rewards points! And as you know...points never expire.

Thank you so much for your kind understanding and co-operation.

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