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Classic Gold Finish Brass

Presenting a beautiful new vintage gold finish for our brass! It is classic, lustrous, and as perfect for your Haskell looks as it is for contemporary styles of jewelry. Make a piece entirely of these beautiful bibs and bobs....or use a piece or two for a design that just needs a little something extra!

This new finish is 22 karat gold dusted with the slightest bit of warm antique. It has the glow of Russian Gold Plated brass, only better!

This is our only finish that has the slightest hint of nickel in it. In order to make an acceptable and durable gold finish that is also affordable, you do need a tiny bit of nickel. This is especially true on matte and satin finishes, and ours is a satin finish. Our brass is prepped first and then the nickel is added, VERY LITTLE, a fractional part. It goes on UNDER the 22 karat finish, so it is not actually part of the gold finish bath, and is sealed away from skin. After the finish is done the cinnamon dusting is added, oh so subtly.

We always want to disclose every truth we can present about our products. I believe only the most sensitive skin type would detect the nickel in this finish, it is so minute. But it makes all the difference with a gold finish, to make it durable. Most gold finishes you purchase have that bit of nickel, and some have far, far more. Nickel free gold finishes tend to wear away far more quickly than a finish made like ours does.

Really, the only thing bad about nickel is that some folks are allergic, but they may well be sensitive to brass as well. The sealing that happens when the color is applied does keep it away from skin, however, the same way as it coats the brass.

We hope you will enjoy working with it!

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