Coupons and Deals

Save at B'Sue Boutiques with coupons and savings!

ALL orders of any size get FREE STUFF packets!

FREE US SHIPPING on all orders of 50.00 up (remaining in the cart after any other discounts)

We also have permanent savings codes. You enter them on the checkout in the coupon box:
1. 3BUCKS gets you 3.00 off your order of 25.00 or more
2. 100DISCOUNT gets you 20% off your order of 100.00 or more
3. MY25 gets you 25% off 250.00 or more
4. If you are wanting to try the B’sue by 1928 line of cast pewter components made by the 1928 Jewelry Company, you can get 25% off that line without an order minimum by entering BSUE1928 into the coupon box.

****Please choose the coupon that works best for your order and gets you the most off. Coupons will not be honored if they are stacked. Also, coupons cannot be used along with a rewards points cash out.******

Coupon codes must be entered into the coupon box at the checkout to get the savings, we cannot add them for you later or rebate you for them if you do not enter them with your order.

IF YOU ARE A BRICK AND MORTAR BEAD SHOP and interested in the B’sue by 1928 line for your bead shop, please contact me at It is the only line on our website that we can wholesale, but we can only wholesale to stores with teaching programs. Thank you for understanding.

Deals This Week

September 16, 2018 Week

You can get 20% off ***ALL*** of the brass stampings (plated and unplated) at our website when you have a cart for $50.00 and up and enter code ALLSTAMPS. This week only!!!