Coupons and Deals

Save at B'Sue Boutiques with coupons and savings!

FREE US SHIPPING on all orders of 50.00 up (remaining in the cart after any other discounts)

No code needed, just have the correct amount in your cart and it's automatic!

This applies to all merchandise at our website.

B'sue Boutiques is a discount retail site....but one of our biggest joys is giving back to our customers in the form of discounts, gifties and perks.

Our codes are now PERMANENT. Please make a note of them:

Use code FIVE for 5% off 25.00 up.

Use code TEN for 10% off 60.00 up when you use this code, the automatic free US shipping will kick in for you.

Use code 100DISCOUNT for 15% off 100.00 up

To optimize savings on the B'sue by 1928 line, at this time we are offering a 20% discount on any order for this product that is 75.00 or more.

The code is BSUE1928

If you are a bulk buyer, we can offer you a 25% discount off everything in your cart including B'sue by 1928 merchandise, if you use code MY25 when you have 250.00 or more in your cart.

All of these coupon codes must be entered INTO THE COUPON BOX at the checkout, please do not place them in the memo. In the coupon box, the site will recognize them and you will get the discount right at the checkout. If you put them in the memo box they will not be recognized and the discount will not come off your order. Thanks for understanding!

If you have questions or need any kind of assistance with the discounts or with your order, please contact Jordan for assistance at and he will be happy to help. You may also feel free to call the office 1-800-868-4393 any time 9-4:30 weekdays and 3:30 til 7 pm on Sundays.