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2nd Annual B'sue Boutiques Workshop


It will be held MAY 15-18, 2015 at:DAS DUTCH HAUS INN150 East State Route 14Columbiana, Ohio 44408
Phone (for booking rooms) 330-482-5050 Tell them you are coming for the B'sue Boutiques workshop, they are holding a block of rooms at a small discount for our group.
Email for the hotel (for questions on amenities, etc) [email protected]

This is our SECOND annual workshop and we hope to have MANY more!

Last year's was a screaming success with 40 happy attendees. Our guest instructor was Christi Friesen, The Polymer Clay Princess!

Some of us knew each other for a number of years as members of the B'sue online groups, like B'sue Boutiques Creative Group.

The event began with big hugs and many happy tears, old creative pals meeting one another in person for the first time!

This is the beautiful event room where we meet:

Everything is held right at the hotel.

The event kicks off on Friday at 5 pm in the room above, which is located on the third floor. We will have cakes, cookies, fruit, veggie tray,. cheeses, crackers and beverages. For those who have specific dietary needs, perhaps grab something that fits your requirements prior to coming. There are MANY good restaurants in walking distance all around the hotel, from fast food to Mexican to Chinese to country homestyle! Das Dutch Haus restaurant is located directly behind the hotel and the food is delicious!

Friday night is party night where we visit, get to know each other, and there WILL be some great B'sue giveaways. We'll also talk about what we'll be doing for the weekend, and possibly have a short networking session. Another nice thing that some like to do is bring small trades, or goody bags, to give to each other. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED, but at many group workshop functions it is done and it's fun to plan and bring a little remembrance you have made for your fellow participants. Last year some made little polymer clay pendants, others made paper or resin charms, some brought little useful things from the dollar store like pens and notepads. Still others brought little bags of candy or some handmade ATC cards.

Friday night will wrap up about 8pm and some may opt to go out for a late dinner, others may wish to stay and visit in the many lobbies located through out the building. There is also a Starbuck's in the main lobby by the fireplace!

Saturday's workshop day will begin promptly at 9am with Katie Oskin of Kater's Acres, as your instructor.

Katie's website is very popular and can be found here:

Kater's Acres

She is also a designer for Polyform, the company that makes Premo and Sculpey. We will be enjoying a full day of polymer clay play with Katie, who will be instructing us on making storybook beads and whale tail pendants. We'll have a break at noon for lunch and Katie will be back to finish up with the first two techniques.

At around 3:30 Cindy Peterson of Howling Dog Jewelry will give us a demonstration on how to make faux stone with polymer clay. This is a technique she learned from well-known instructor-author, Tory Hughes, who has graciously given her permission to demo and teach it for our class. We will be concentrating on faux turquoise.

Doesn't that just look REAL?

Cindy also did this look for her BUILD A LINE Master Class Challenge project.

We'll break for dinner at 5 and back around 6:45 for a lesson on how to make an articulated (legs and arms move) Chinese dragon with Katie Oskin. This class will wrap up around 9 pm.

Sunday, we'll begin again at 9 am with a two hour class presentation project developed by Marcia Tuzzolino of Aurora Designs and Irene Hoffman of Heart's Dezire. Both ladies are part of the B'sue Boutiques Design Team.

Thereafter B'sue will take the helm to teach RESPONSIBLE REPURPOSING, a subject dear to her heart. We will learn how to take a bag full of old vintage pieces and examine them for value. So many artisans are tearing down valuable pieces that could provide a secondary income stream. B'sue will discuss how to become a jewelry detective and how to market vintage pieces to make money to buy tools and supplies for your workshop....and when you know it's okay to go ahead and break a piece up to use it as a focal.

Here is a beginning video on the subject:

We'll wrap it up at 5pm and those who would like to come are invited to Open House at the B'sue Boutiques shop in East Palestine, a little town about 8 miles straight down the road from the hotel.

The Open House at B'sue Boutiques will be from 7 til 9:30 pm and we'll have munchies and beverages, too.

In the morning those who can stay over will meet in the breakfast room at the hotel (breakfast is free with your room) for a little discussion on our viewpoints and questions about the Build a Line Challenge Master Class that was conducted at Facebook. Some of the attendees of the workshops were participants and the class notes were also shared at the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group.

Any who wish to come back to the B'sue Boutiques shop that day, may. Marcia and Irene will be doing a video and you can be the studio audience! I'll have more information about this at the workshop for any who want to come and watch. We'll probably be doing a double-header and doing a polymer clay video with Katie Oskin immediately after Javi shoots Marcia and Irene's.

Fee for the event is 180.00 which covers our basic expenses for the hotel rental of the room, constant beverage service, Friday night party, some supplies and event insurance. The event contract will be open for review on Facebook and all business for the event is conducted there. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN COMING, PLEASE CONTACT ME at [email protected] or by calling the shop, 1-330-886-4393. The contract will be released February 28th and will be available for viewing in a special Facebook group where you can also comment, network, ask questions, find a traveling partner or a room mate to share costs. Instructions on payment will be available there. You can pay by PayPal or you may do so by Visa or Master Card. Credit card payments for the event fee can be made by calling the shop, 1-800-868-4393. *** We cannot process event payments through this website. *** If you don't like to use PayPal invoice, then you will need make payment over the phone on or after the Feb 28 contract release date.

There will be no refunds for the event fee if participants cancel after making payment, and we regret we can hold no spots open without payment in full. Your payment serves as your virtual signature on the online contract that you will be coming and that you agree to the terms. If you find you aren't able to come after making payment we *may* be able to help find someone who'd like to purchase your ticket directly from you.

Everyone will be responsible for calling the hotel to book their room reservations. Again that number for the hotel is 330-482-5050 Other hotels in the area are about 15-20 minutes away and not nearly as nice. You will want to stay at Das Dutch Haus so that you can be on time for the classes and have lots of time to visit with the others in attendance!

The hotel is located about 45 minutes WEST by car from the Pittsburgh International Airport. It is a very easy drive from the airport.

I hope to meet YOU there!

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