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B'sue by 1928
Bracelets & Earrings
Necklaces & Tassels
Tissue Decoupage
Using Tools
Wire & Cagework
Hard To Find Items
Basic Jewelry Findings
Earring Findings
Eyepins and Headpins
Hair Jewelry Findings
Jump Rings
  > 6mm Jump Rings
  > 8mm Jump Rings
  > 12mm Jump Rings
  > 15mm Jump Rings
Pinbacks, Fasteners
Ribbon, Lace, & Vintage
  > 12 Gauge Wire
  > 16 Gauge Wire
  > 18 Gauge Wire
  > 20 Gauge Wire
  > 22 Gauge Wire
  > 24 Gauge Wire
  > 28 Gauge Wire
  > Memory Wire
Leather Cords
  > 0.5mm Leather Cord
  > 1mm Leather Cord
  > 1.5mm Leather Cord
  > 2mm Leather Cord
Blanks, Bezels & Mounts
Backless & Porthole Bezels
Bezel Bracelets
  > Bezel Stampings
  > Resin Bezels
  > Teardrop Bezels
Brooch Blanks
Cuff Bracelets
  > 18x13mm Mounts
  > 25x18mm Mounts
  > 40x30mm Mounts
Necklace Blanks
Ring Blanks
Making It 1928: The Story Of The 1928 Jewelry Company
B'sue Bundles
Brass Stampings
22K Satin Gold Brass
Brass Ox
Matte Black, Ebony Brass
Silverware Silver Plate
Unplated Brass Filigree
Unplated Brass Stampings
Charms, Lockets, Pendants
Animal Charms & Pendants
  > Cats
  > Dogs
  > Birds
  > Owls
  > Horses
  > Bugs & Bats
  > Other Animals
  > Sea Life
Boho Beading Supplies
  > Boho Jewelry Supplies
  > Sari Ribbon
  > Enamel Charms
  > French Charms
  > Heart Charms
  > Hollow Charms, Two Sided
  > Charm Accents
Design Elements, Embellishments
Lenses, Art Bubbles
  > Clocks, Watch Parts
  > Gears, Cogs, Wheels
  > Keys
  > Propellers
  > Wings
Timeless Heart Jewelry
B'sue by 1928
Old Silver, Pewter
Rusted Iron, Pewter
22K Gold Finish, Pewter
The Trinket Box
Gift Certificates
Flowers & Leaves
Ceramic Flowers
Glass Leaves, Flowers
Plastic Flowers, Fruits, Leaves
Resin Flowers
Roses, Flowers
Tee Spring
Vintage Glass, Vintage Brass
Vintage Glass Cameos
Vintage Glass Beads
Vintage Glass Stones
Beads & Rhinestones
B'sue Bead Mixes
Bead Caps
European Glass Stones
  > Cat's Eye
  > Teardrop Pear Stones
Filigree Beads
Flatback Rhinestones
Glass Beads
  > Flower Beads
  > Hill Beads
  > Rondelle Beads
  > Round Beads
  > Saturn Beads
  > Teardrop Beads
Lampwork Stones & Beads
Metal Beads
Mosaic Beads & Bling
Pearl Beads & Cabochons
Other Stones
Plastic & Other Beads & Cabochons
Rhinestone Findings
  > Chatons
Semi Precious Stones, Cabochons & Beads
  > Semi Precious Beads
  > Semi Precious Cabochons
  > Semi Precious Stones
Creative Group
Mixed Media Supplies
Apoxie Sculpt
Embossing Folders, Texture Stamps
Mermaid Sand, Resin Inclusions
Mica Powders & Paints
Resin, Glue, Sealants
Tissue Paper
Jewelry Making Tools
Basic Jewelry Tools
Hammers, Bench Blocks, Anvils
Jewelry Accessories
Metal Shears, Hole Punches, Files