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Vintage Style Pewter Castings from the
1928 Jewelry Company

1928 Jewelry Company Jewelry is a brand that strikes a sentimental chord with many. Beloved and widely collected for over 50 years, it is recognized all around the world for its intricate detail and quality without equal. Everything about 1928 Jewelry Company is timeless and elegant.

For many years, I longed to know more about 1928 Jewelry Company Jewelry Company and "that guy who started a big jewelry line in his apartment". The story of The 1928 Jewelry Company will resonate with many a jewelry designer working hard to make it happen. The enduring success of the company is also proof that sometimes, if you do the work--- dreams can come true.

Like many costume jewelry companies of their stature, 1928 Jewelry Company has never released to the public any of the custom-cast pieces and parts created for use in their jewelry. Never have they allowed anyone to come in and curate a components/findings line that had their brand on it.

Via many email discussions, phone calls and visits, we decided it was time to reach out to artisan designers and jewelry makers like YOU. Be prepared for a real treat! This line consists of lead-free pewter castings made from their vast archive of antique molds. Some molds are the very same ones used to make their historic, highly collected pieces. The cherry on top is that they come to you in B'sue Boutiques' proprietary metal finishes.

We chose every casting with *you* in mind! New findings will be introduced frequently featuring antique French and European designs. There will also be new ideas developed only for B'sue by 1928 Jewelry Company.

All of the pieces have nickel-free artisan finishes and are lead-free. You will discover that they are far and away the best and most unique cast pewter findings you will source, anywhere.

This line is completely made in the USA.


**Please note: all castings in the B'sue by 1928 line are copyright-protected. You may use them to make jewelry or anything else in your art, in any way you wish. You do not have to give us credit for being makers/distributors of the casting when you use it, if you do not wish to. Go ahead and be as creative as you like with your designs using these lovely components, and by all means, sell your work! It's FINE! HOWEVER:

None of these pieces may be reproduced or molded in polymer clay, precious metal clay, resin or any other media or metal, including pewter. Molds may never be made and offered for resale. The pieces may never be reproduced in other media or in pewter or other metals and re-sold as component as it would violate intellectual property. Thank you so much for understanding!*

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