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Bohemian Rose Filigree Bracelet

This is one of my favorite projects. Awhile back, I made it in Russian Goldplate finish, with some Gilder's Paste "wash":

I got to thinking, this would be so cool in our new Rusty Black finish! It won't take you more than an hour to make:

It begins with this filigree:

This is rb02826 from the B'sue Boutiques website, in rusty black patina finish.

  • old rose ox petal flower
  • hong kong flower old vintage cream plastic flower or other 22-23mm resin flower
  • for under the petal flower you can use one either rox07948, brox09859, or chox02941 or similar stamping
  • jumps: jump 6 and jump51 (6mm and 10mm respectively, brass ox)
  • a clasp of your choice (I used a lobster claw)
  • small filigree beads (I used rb94175 rusty black)
  • chain: three types for texture, six inch lengths cut in half to make two bunches of 3 - 3 inch lengths
  • Bail making pliers
  • round and flat noce pliers
  • wire/chain cutters
  • E6000 glue
  • very fine steel wool
  • optional: Renaissance Wax
First, buff the filigree back with VERY FINE steel wool to distress the Rusty Black finish and show the coppery highlights:

Don't go too hard on it, but just til you see that underlayer show up. If you want, you can re-seal with Renaissance Wax, but you probably wouldn't have to.

Then, at the WIDE end, in the middle of the wide end, drill or punch a hole to attach a large 10mm jump for attachment. Easiest to do it before you bend the filigree!

Now, get your bail making pliers and begin, carefully, to bend the filigree to conform to the top of your wrist:

See how it fits?

When you get it to where it lays perfectly on your wrist, it's time to layer the flower and wire it on. Stack your flowers and take a piece of wire 4-5 inches long and loop the end. Pierce the flowers with the wire, letting the loop anchor them together. Then, birght the wire through the filigree and wrap back up through as tight as you can get it.

I usually wrap it around under the flower a bit, just like you'd sew a button on a coat....then pull it back through the back, cut, and tuck any ends up under so it doesn't scratch. Now it's time to add the chains:

You need six three inch lengths. I used three types of chain, for texture. Cut the chain and attach with a 6mm jump to the filigree at the narrow ends, one bunch of chain in each hole, then trim and catch all the loose chains in one large 10mm jump as shown:

And glue in the cream rose on top of the other flowers:

See how the chains fit?

I wire-wrapped some little rusty black filigree beads and a vintage topaz-colored 8mm Czech bead, and hung them the back loop for just a little extra visual interest.

I hope you will give this project a try! The result is a showy bracelet, and it takes just a little time. We carry the big filigree in Russian Goldplate, Brass Ox, Old Rose Ox, Silverware Silverplate and Raw you can go with any color type you'd like. I love mixing metal colors! It gives you so many options.

Brenda Sue Lansdowne is the owner of B'sue Boutiques, the writer of the blog "Jewelry Making Outside the Box" and many You Tube instructional videos. She writes a weekly newsletter that you can sign up for on the home page of this website, and moderates a discussion group on the B'sue Boutiques Facebook Fan Page.

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