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Jewelry Making Tools

Pliers, hammers, flush cutters, bench blocks, hole punches, metal shears.....these are among the basic must-have tools for any mixed media artist, and you'll find them all here.

There are few tools beyond these basics that you will ever need for the sort of jewelry making I teach in my You Tube videos.

The tools I sell are the ones I personally use! Our Xuron cutters are just as good as much-more expensive ones by famous companies. The only real difference is the price. Try some and see! And our metal shears are inexpensive, as well as essential for your workshop.

Here are a few videos to help you use your tools:
Cutting and Bending Brass Stampings:
Beer and Bottle Cap Charms and Earrings:

The Messy Workshop Tour:
This is my old workshop before we
moved to our building, but it's fun!

Making Your Own Glazing
Tray for Polymer Beads:

Start to Finish, Emboss, Drill, Rivet:
Riveting and Manipulating Brass: