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Free Shipping on orders $50 & UP

Free Shipping on orders $50 & UP

Free Shipping on orders $50 & UP

Free Shipping!

All orders of $100.00 *after coupon use* or more get free US shipping at B'sue Boutiques! This means if you still have $100 in your cart after coupons, rewards coupons, other discounts come off, we will ship your package in the US free.

A quick review of our regular shipping fees reveals that they are very low. In many cases it may cost us more than we are asking from you to ship your order. Packaging, bags, boxes, etc.....none of these things are factored into what you pay. We never charge prep fees or packaging surcharges.

We never charge to prepare customs documents on international orders, either. MORE ABOUT THAT, below:

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We regret we cannot extend free shipping on international orders, but we will ship for the least possible.

The shipping fees here at the site are based on experience and estimates. If you are ordering from abroad, keep in mind that ordering a lot of mixed media products or tools can drive the weight of a package way up. We have to receive the full amount to ship your things, we cannot absorb some of the heavy shipping for you.The extra would be billed and we would need to wait to receive it before shipping.

DUTY on International Orders and Shipping: We regret sincerely that we cannot falsify customs documents to help customers avoid duty fees. We don't like those laws that require you to pay high fees to receive your package or the jumps in international shipping rates in recent years, or the differences in currencies. Sadly, that issue is out of our hands.

We know that there are small shippers and unscrupulous foreign suppliers who will falsify documents for you, but it's all against the law! In the long run, you could end up with a confiscated package and nothing to show for the money spent. Customs agents are trained to watch suspicious packages now more than ever. This is actually against the law and a form of smuggling in many countries.

Thanks for understanding!

PLEASE NOTE: FREE SHIPPING does not include insurance, signature confirmation, or international shipping fees. IF YOU REQUIRE INSURANCE, or signature confirmation, please contact Jordan [email protected] for a shipping upgrade. We cannot guarantee delivery of any packages shipped without insurance, including packages shipped abroad. WILL YOUR ORDER BE SHIPPED PRIORITY? Domestic orders of 100.00 up automatically will be sent priority USPS mail. If you would like an UPGRADE to priority shipping, again, contact [email protected] There is a minimal up charge for doing this; if you require insurance, yes, this is an extra fee, too. We charge ONLY what it costs us to upgrade your package.

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