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Bead caps, vintage style filigree beads, glass beads (vintage when we can find 'em!) ....the whole world loves beads! At B'sue Boutiques we love to MAKE beads as well----from fiber, paper, polymer clay.

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  1. Please buy quality glass beads that have been annealed properly. This means where possible, you should buy Czech, German and European glass beads, or, if you can afford them, quality lampworked beads from an artist whose work appeals to you. Many faceted beads in big box stores are of new Oriental make and have been made quickly, without proper annealing. What that means for you: oh sigh! they may break easily, and be brittle when you work with them, especially on the ends. They can be prone to crack. Finding a big sale is great! But a sale on something that isn't going to hold up is a loss, not a gain.

  2. A wonderful bead POPS! when you put it in a frame. That means, you need cool bead caps to set off your pretty beads! At B'sue Boutiques we are crazy for bead caps and ours go fast, no matter how deep our inventory gets. Also, we sometimes have a style for awhile and then, not. If a cap is a fave for you, BE SURE to save a photo. That way if we don't have it for a bit, you can get in touch and show us what you are looking for, and we can get them again.

  3. Our filigree beads and bead caps are 100% rich low brass, some with artisan plating, some not. All our plating finishes are NICKEL FREE. And all our metal is MADE IN THE USA. Most come from decades-old tooling with a strong vintage design aesthetic. That's why our caps are COOL to use....and they endure in your work. They are QUALITY. QUALITY is what it's all about.

Here you will find Czech and German rhinestones, flatback stones, no hole pearls, vintage pearl cabochons, cameos and findings made with rhinestones, like pretty rhinestone rondells.

What really is a rhinestone? A rhinestone is an artificial, or simulated imitation stone made of glass, made to look like a beautiful gemstone.

The name, 'rhinestone' came from actual glass bits that were found around the Rhine River in Austria, many years ago. Soon it was apparent that these bits could be used in making jewelry. At first, they were cut and finished individually by hand....but then in the 1700's a jeweler in Paris found he could place a lead finish to the back of the glass to make it more reflective. Today this is called "foiling" and while some glass stones do have a low amount of lead, there is nothing to be concerned about unless you are placing them in children's jewelry. I do not recommend that and we advise that our goods here at B'sue not be used by young ones under the age of 13.

I prefer Czech Preciosa, Czech and German made stones over Swarovski. Why is that, when everyone knows Swarovski is the industry leader? First, less lead involved, if any. Second, we just like the soft look of Czech and German firepolished, machine cut and molded stones. I love the old Bohemian looks with their rich, mellow glow.

Czech Preciosa brand is quickly standing next to Swarovski (or SWA as some call it) for quality and shine. And it costs LESS.

You can assume the stones in our listings to be glass, Czech or German, and newly made unless the listings say otherwise. All measurements will be included. Do you know how to measure in millimeters? In the stone trade, everything is measured in millimeters. I will include a link here on how to learn to do it. It is SIMPLE.

Our cameos are Oriental export and nicely done as well as economical to use. For decades nearly all resin and plastic cameos have been made in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and now Mainland China. That is their history.

Our no hole pearls and pearl cabs are plastic and of high quality. If you require glass, please inquire, I can get you a quote and procure them for you by special order.

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