How do I return an item?

Return Policy:

If the item is defective, ALWAYS.

If somehow the item is not as described....ALWAYS.

If we sent you the wrong all means! YES.

In a case such as the above, we will not only accept your return, but pay your return shipping after you send it back. We do not send call tags.

PLEASE EXAMINE YOUR ENCLOSED INVOICE AS SOON AS YOU GET YOUR PACKAGE. Returns and shortages MUST be reported within three days of receipt. If you delay, we may not be able to help. Contact JORDAN at or by calling us during business hours (Monday 1-7pm, Tues-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Sundays 2:30 til 9pm) 1-800-868-4393 or 1-330-886-0052

PLEASE: NOTE MEASUREMENTS, PLATING COLOR and other particulars on the items ordered before ordering. If you have design or stock questions, contact Jordan and where necessary he will have B'sue contact you with more information. We reserve the right to levy a restock fee of 20%  on returned items when the error is not our fault, on a case by case basis.

No refunds can be given on items that have be colorized, re-plated, soldered or manipulated. All returns must be sent back in original packaging with either the order number, or better still, a copy of the original invoice.

All returns must be re-shipped to us within 5 days of your asking to send them back.  If you can't do that, make arrangements with Jordan in customer service:

CONTACT US BEFORE RETURNING ANYTHING, so that we can watch for the package and make a prompt refund.  Do not return anything before contacting us first.  If you wish to get an exchange this is especially important, so that we may pull the desired items and put them aside for you.  Exchanges are not free; you will need to pay shipping back to us as well as back to you---unless the items you received were not as expected or defective in some way.


B'sue Boutiques

1441 North Market St. Ext. or send to PO BOX 30-- either is fine but the PO may be more secure

East Palestine, Ohio 44413

Phone  330.886.0052

Please watch your mailbox and back door for your packages.  Sometimes it is necessary to go to the post office to pick up a package.  If your package is late, check the tracking we've sent you, and check with your post office first, as chances are they are holding it for you.  If you don't retrieve it from them inside of two weeks, they will  send it back to us.  Sometimes a return from the post office, in a case like this, can take 3-4 weeks.  If you still want the package, you will have to pay the shipping to get it sent back to you.  If you refuse the package, the original shipping will not be refunded and there will be a 20% restock fee.  The remainder will be issued to you **in credit only.** 

Communication is vital and we will always work with you in extenuating circumstances.  Please understand, however, we are a small family business, and when you refuse a package those things are also held out of stock til we get them back, sometimes for quite awhile.  During that time, we cannot sell them to others who want them.  We may even have to purchase more in order to have stock.  Never refuse a package.  Please always contact us so we can work things out.


All of the above applies.  Please understand we will not refund shipping in most cases (except defective goods, sent you the wrong thing, etc.) and whatever you send back, you will be paying the return shipping (unless there is an error on our part in sending.)

We don't accept a return just because you received your order late.  We prepare and ship goods promptly, but we have no control over how fast you get them. So this is not an error on our part and cannot be held responsible.

In the event the package arrives but you decide not to accept it or retrieve it from your post office, please understand:  You will not get the initial shipping back, and there will be a 20% restock fee.  You will only be able to get the remainder in credit.  NO CASH REFUNDS.

Refusing a package is a poor practice.  Some have done this because they discover the duty is higher than expected, or they feel the order is not worth paying the duty.  Perhaps they forgot they ordered it or didn't pay attention to the time limit they had to pick up the box from the Post Office.  Maybe it got there late and they don't need it any more. Maybe they decided they just didn't want it and didn't want to have to pay the shipping to send it back to us, so they refuse the package and do not open it so that the Post Office will send it back and they don't have to pay shipping.  Many times it's sent back to us in  the slowest, cheapest way, often by sea freight. 

Most of the time, we don't get  your box back for 3-4 months.  All that time, the goods are held out of our stock and unavailable to others.  Sometimes they are lost and we never get them.  We can never make a refund of any kind if you refuse your package, don't communicate and the Post Office loses it.  We can't even trace it.

Sometimes these packages never even make it back to us.  If they do, we will retain the original shipping and 20% restock fee.  The rest will be given to you in CREDIT ONLY, and there will be **no cash refunds.** Also because they take so long to get back to us this way, your return will be received months after our policy of prompt returns, so there is no way we can give everything back or return money to you.

All returns must be received in excellent condition.  We cannot file claims on packages that have been refused, so anything damaged and not saleable in your refused order will be charged back to you when we make your credit-only refund. 

Any questions about our return policies?  Just contact Jordan at  He will be happy to hear any complaints and work things out to your satisfaction, so long as you communicate, are prompt in your return, and present your return in a professional way.