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Flowers & Leaves

Flowers, flower petals, leaves and everything you need to make assemblage, kitchen sinker, flower power, New Vintage, Five and Dime Styles and more! I love brass leaves and flowers and am never without a nice selection in my own workshop. The petals can be painted, torched, patinad, resined.....they can be wired, glued, riveted and otherwise cold-connected!

If you visit the GALLERY OF INSPIRATION on my home page you will see many examples of floral assemblage jewelry.

These pieces are also great when combined with soft old fabrics, laces and ribbons. Super on altered bottles, frames and boxes! Be sure to start your own stash of brass flowers, petals and leaves....we have them primarily in raw brass for your own colors, but also some in artisan plating.

Here are some videos to show you how to colorize raw brass flowers, petals and leaves, and how to make assemblage jewelry from them with our brass blanks:
Floral Assemblage Jewelry
with Brass Stampings:

Beads, Flowers with Tissue Decoupage:

Wire Wrapped Vintage Flower Cluster
Brooches and More!:

Assembling a Flower Necklace and More,
and How to Use Glue:

Learning About Vintage Jewelry: