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At B'sue Boutiques we carry Mod Podge, Renaissance Wax, and Swellegant. I carry three types of glue: E6000, HypoTube Cement, and Crafter's Pick. For me, these are the only three you need, and the only three I ever use.

There are other essentials needed for your mixed media workshop that I do not carry as you can get them anywhere. Things like acrylic paint and alcohol ink can be gotten at any supply store. As we're a boutique, I tend to want to carry the more unique and harder to find materials here at our website. Also, alcohol inks cannot be air-shipped or shipped abroad. The alcohol ink pens were problematic and dried out very quickly. As much as we loved the concept, we didn't find the product suitable.

If there is a product you are having trouble getting because you live in a remote area, never fear, I CAN get it for you. Just contact me privately and ask for my help, I can set you up.

Here are some basic resin and patina videos that will help you:
How To Use Swellegant:
Heat Patina with a Torch:

Darkening Copper Wire with Liver of
Sulfur and Swellegant Darkening Patina

Using Gilder's Paste:

The Glue to Use: