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New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

Silver Sheen Floral Necklace

I was inspired by all the shades of grey and black in fall 2010 fashions. Customizing raw brass flowers from B'Sue Boutiques with paint adds to the uniqueness of the project. Plus you get an expensive-looking metallic finish using mica-rich Lumiere paints.

Necklace finished length (end to end 20.5", top to bottom 19")

Note: This project is designed for adults. Some materials may be toxic and must be used with caution.

  • latex gloves and mask (optional)
  • 1" foam brush
  • needle nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • wire cutter
  • cardboard spray surface
  • styrofoam block
  • square toothpicks
  • KRYLON gray primer
  • Lumiere paint in Metallic Silver and Pewter
  • Acrylic Sealer (I used a spray, but Diamond Glaze works too)
  • 4 B'sue Big brass flowers (Metal Flowers, Leaves section)
  • 5 B'sue Medium brass flowers (Metal Flowers, Leaves section)
  • 5 B'sue Small brass flowers (Metal Flowers, Leaves section)
  • 4 B'sue brass flower caps (Metal Flowers, Leaves section)
  • 8 Sterling Silver headpins
  • 11 black 5mm Czech pressed glass flower beads
  • 10mm Swarovski pearls
  • circle pendant
  • 2 yds. chain
  • 2 - 6" lengths 22 ga. wire
  • heavy jump rings (8mm and 10mm)
  • toggle clasp
Note: Curing time is important. This is not a fast process. You must let pieces dry adequately before spraying/painting additional coats. And "less is more" for paint...thin, but multiple coats. No "gloppyness".

  1. Degrease the brass stampings prior to use.
  2. Move to a ventilated area, room temperature 70°F and low humidity. Spray 2-3 light coats of Krylon Primer onto both front and back of each brass stamping. (Let dry between coats and before switching sides.) I use cardboard as a base for overspray.
  3. Brush 2-3 thin coats of Lumiere paint onto both front and back of each brass stamping with a foam brush. (Let dry between coats and before switching sides.) Varying the metal colors will add dimension to each petal layer. (Metallic Silver outer, Pewter inner) Putting the metal flower caps on toothpicks stuck to styrofoam aids in painting and drying.
  4. Now, seal to protect your paint job. A painted-on or sponged-on Diamond Glaze finish works really well.

  5. Create the five flower components by stacking each set tightly onto a headpin. Using the round nose pliers form a coil tightly at the back base of the flower component. Watch B'sue video to see how stacking petals and a coil is made. Use jump rings slipped through the coils to attach the components to chain links.

  6. Cut chain into three staggered segments for preferred neck length. One long length will string through the circle pendant. The other two chain segments are side drapers. The long piece is the one to attach the flower components to using a jump ring and pliers. Of the four large flower components, the two center ones will also attach to the other short chain segment ends using the same jump ring.

  7. On clasp end, attach all three chain ends on each side onto a jump ring.8. Create a wrapped loop with wire, attach to jump ring. Slip on floral bead cap and a Czech pressed glass bead for stabilization. Form another wrapped loop to attach to the toggle ring via jump ring. Repeat process for the toggle bar.

  8. Cut staggered chain segments for the front drops. Attach all three chain ends and the small flower component onto last circle pendant rung with one jump ring, remembering to string the jump ring through the coil on the flower.

  9. Wire wrap pearls to chain with headpins. Attach bead caps with headpins. I use a Czech pressed glass bead inside and outside to stabilize the big holes on the metal flower caps.
  10. Try on necklace and make any necessary adjustments to flower component positions along chain segments so that they do not overlap. (Just count the links evenly on each side and move via jump ring.)
  11. Wear and store the necklace properly to avoid abrasion to the painted finish.

Hilary Frye is an artist, designer, and instructor that lives by the motto: "hunt, gather, create, share". She graduated with a B.A. Art Education, K-12 with an emphasis in fibers and design. Please visit her online at

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