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Free Shipping on orders $50 & UP

Free Shipping on orders $50 & UP

French Romance Bracelet

This bracelet is a great way to create a one of a kind piece for yourself or for a gift! You can modify it using different charms for the center, vintage buttons, cabochons or anything else you can dream up. It’s simple, easy, and has a wonderful vintage charm.

  • Pair of small flat nose pliers
  • Pair of small pliers with ridges
  • Angled cutters
  • Small jewelry file
  • 6 small spring clamps
  • 1 tube E6000
  • Toothpicks
  • 7.5 -8 inches of non-soldered chain, medium link size
  • 1 frame stamping (I used B’Sue’s Victorian Plaque brox8829 or Leafy Wrap Fig41)
  • 1 sunflower stamping
  • 1 19- 22mm charm/button etc for center (I used B’Sue’s Je T’Aime 19mm Charm : brox02978)
  • 1 clasp

Step 1
Prepare the charm by snipping off both sides of the loop with the angled cutters, and filing the area smooth. Go slowly and gently so you don’t scratch or scar the top of the charm. The charm edge should be smooth to the touch when you are finished.

Step 2
Lay the sunflower on top of the frame stamping you have chosen and look to see where they touch each other. Using the toothpicks, spread E6000 on BOTH sunflower and frame along the points where they touch. I do it generously but I don’t heap it on. If you get too much, clean it up with a clean toothpick. The great thing about E6000 is that it can be rubbed off easily once it dries, so no need to worry if you get a little on the flower petals. CLAMP the two pieces together at top, bottom, and along the sides. Set aside for 48 hours to cure. Clamping is a must for making sure the two pieces bond completely. B'sue sells little clamps with rubber tips in her TOOLS section, if you need some.

Step 3
Once the pieces are securely bonded, add the charm in the same way, spreading the E6000 along the back of the charm and the center of the sunflower. It’s a good idea to be aware of how much of the sunflower is covered by the size charm you are using so you don’t put E6000 where you don’t need it. Clamp again.

Step 4
Once all the pieces are securely bonded, take a pair of pliers and GENTLY form the ends of the bracelet to fit your wrist. If you need to bend the sunflower edges, do it very slowly and carefully, matching the curve to your wrist.

Step 5
Using two pairs of pliers, twist the end link on the chain in opposite directions and attach it to the loops on the stamping. Close by reversing the twisting motion. Do the same for the other side, then check the length to make sure it will fit. Use small jump rings to attach the clasp. VOILA! You're done!

Kristen Evans has been a fine artist for 10 years. She began making jewelry and home accessories out of vintage and new materials about 5 years ago, and started designing full time a little over a year ago. She’s loves using metals, vintage glass jewels, buttons and all kinds of other treasures in her designs. You can see more of her work online here:
or at Necessary ExTRAVagance,

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