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Free Shipping on orders $50 & UP

Free Shipping on orders $50 & UP

B'sue Workshop & Build a Line Master Class

B'sue Boutiques also sponsors other special learning opportunities for mixed media jewelry making artists each year!

Read on for DETAILS:


Besides our frequent jewelry making video classes at You Tube, B'sue Boutiques also offers a special once-yearly online master class in the winter, and in May, a three day real-time workshop at Das Dutch Haus Inn in Columbiana, Ohio.

The Build-a-Line Master Class is held January through mid-April every year via a virtual classroom at Facebook. It is actually a closed private group and I accept 30-35 students for the class each year. All must be members of theB'sue Boutiques Creative Group at Facebook. It is free to be a member of the Creative Group, and you can join ANY time.

To join the class you need to watch for the yearly enrollment period, and there is a reasonable fee for the class.

In the class, students are coached to craft a cohesive line of jewelry in their own style. They will design a tiny line of five prototype, or practice pieces. They will learn how fashion trends affect the sales even ofart jewelry, how understanding color and skin types can help us build sales, and how practical pricepoints are keys to success as a self-supporting jewelry artist.

The class is intense and centers around three blog hops. Via our blogs we show everyone who is following the class (many do, as it is well-publicized!) the new prototypelines of jewelry we have crafted. The deadlines are finite and must be met. As Tim Gunn says, you gotta 'make it work'!' in the Build-a-Line class.

To participate you must have a working blog in place as well as knowledge of a photo-editing program. I use PicMonkey online but others use Picassa or other favorites.

Here is a link to the 2016 class syllabus...

The 2018 class sign ups take place in November, usually a couple of weeks before the holiday season begins at Thanksgiving. For more information on this year's sign up, please join us at the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group at Facebook, or shoot me an email through this site. Signing up in advance assures that everyone is ready with tools in place, ready to begin the work in early January, just after the holidays are over.

At this time there are no plans to have the course more than once a year, as it is very intensive for students as well as me, the teacher!

You might want to start thinking about applying for next year! It CAN take time to get ready!


Our workshops are currently three class days long and are held in Mid-May at Das Dutch Haus Inn in Columbiana, Ohio:

The actual class dates for 2018 are May 18-20, 2017. Sign ups for the class will take place in late February of 2017 via a special Facebook page I will make for this purpose. If you are interested in coming, you must be a member of theB'sue Boutiques Creative Group at Facebook. All business for the class is conducted, including posting of the contract, through the special Facebook page. Payment for the class can be made by PayPal invoice or by credit card over the phone.

This year we will again feature polymer clay princess, Christi Friesen. More information on particulars will begin to show up at the end of the year, in my newsletters and also, at the Creative Group at Facebook.

While not mandatory, everyone coming from out of town for our gathering is encouraged to stay at Das Dutch Haus Inn (same place where the event is held). The rooms are lovely and large enough to share with a roomate...or two! Rooming arrangements will be made by students directly with the hotel. Room fees, meals and travel are not part of the class fee.

Many come in the day before class, and we all go out en masse to a favorite Mexican restaurant.

Classes are 9-5 Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a lunch break at noon.

Friday night and Saturday night are open studio with an instructor staying to visit and play til 9:30pm.

Sunday night after class is our class party and the B'sue Boutiques open house, where my crew will bring in delectable vintage goodies and key pieces from the B'sue Boutiques line. The Das Dutch Haus wait staff will bring us munchies, cakes and cookies to nosh on as we shop and visit.

Monday morning those who have been able to stay over will come for the free breakfast (they give you free breakfast at the hotel, and there is a Starbuck's in the lobby) and a bit more visiting.....then it's hugs and goodbyes til the next year!

This year's fee for the three day class will be in the realm of 295.00. Class is limited to no more than 40 students. More information about the details of what will be taught in class will be posted in the Creative Group at Facebook after the first of the year.

Come and join us at the Creative Group at Facebook!

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