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New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

Friends of B'sue Boutiques Community Page

Welcome to the Friends of B'sue Boutiques Community Page! I just wanted to take a moment to call out some of the folks who have meant a great dealto us here at B'sue Boutiques. They have written tutorials housed at our page, served on our Design Team in the past, even done videos in collaboration with us. We love to network with these accomplished artists, teachers and writers....and we want you to know about them!


Irene is a long time beader who is a retired executive secretary. As a beader who loves to create, she says she feels like every day is a vacation day! But make no mistake, she takes herwork as a jewelry maker very seriously. At the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group she has added assemblage and polymer clay work to her skill set. She started her jewelry business, Heart’s Dezire, in 2014, using many of the different techniques.

Irene particularly enjoys creating beautiful, new and exciting polymer assemblages with quality components from B'sue Boutiques! Irene also manages the FINISHED UP FRIDAY Pinterest page for our weekly event at the Facebook group. She has made two You Tube presentations along with fellow team member, Marcia Tuzzolino, and has collaborated on a tutorial which is the project that she and Marcia taught at the 2014 B'sue Boutiques Workshop. Irene loves to be a part of the Creative Group events and posts her new work there, often.

Find Irene online:
Jann's journey in jewelry design began back in 2006 when reconnecting with a high school friend. She showed Jann how to make a beaded bracelet and that was it....Jann was HOOKED! Every Tuesday Jann would meet with her friend and other ladies. They would challenge each other to create bead embroidery designs Then, a beading store opened up right down the street. Jann started taking classes from the owner in mixed media. In one of those classes B'sue Boutiques Creative Group was brought up and it was suggested we check it out. That was several years ago.

With all the new adventures in jewelry design Jann started a FaceBook Business Page called Clever Designs. She also has an Etsy shop. Jann manages the Sunday Earrings Challenge at the Creative Group at Facebook as well as The Sunday Earrings Challenge Pinterest board. She is an avid supporter of all group events.

Find Jann online:
Facebook Business Page
Etsy Shop
Marcia started her own jewelry design business, Aurora Designs Jewelry, because she loves the aurora borealis sparkle on Swarovksi stones and beads. She specializes in bridal and formal jewelry and also has produced several lines of mixed media jewelry. She loves learning new techniques and processes using different media. When she visited us at B'sue Boutiques online some years back, she discovered a whole new world! Soon thereafter she joined the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group at Facebook. The rest is history!

Marcia is an avid participant in all group events/ Along with Irene Hoffman she has made two You Tube videos for B'sue Boutiques as well as has written two tutorials for us, one a collaboration again with Irene, and one on her own. She and Irene also taught a beading class at the 2014 B'sue Boutiques Workshop.

Find Marcia online:
Facebook Business Page

Gayle Bird
Growing up on the coastline of Cape Breton, Gayle Bird loved beachcombing, picking out the glimmer of color and shine from afar as she searched her native shores. Her biggest inspiration has always been color – whether in an amazing sunset, the bonanza of fall foliage, or the subtle shades of a snowdrift. She spins her design work using non-tarnish wire. Her methods accentuate her focals and the wire is formed without a plan. The new designs flow spontaneously around the rough-cut stones, glass, and found objects.Gayle loves to search for things with texture and historical interest to use in her work. It all takes her back to blissful childhood days, searching for treasures on the beach. You can read much more about it in her book, FREE FORM WIRE ART JEWELRY. If you thought you couldn't do wire, you can.....let Gayle prove it to you. Her methods are organic and the designs compelling. Also in the book is an amazing chapter on the use of color that you will find quite useful.

Find Gayle online:
More information on her book

Terri Brush
Terri Brush is a self taught mixed-media artist. She specializes in unique jewelry making methods with solder. Her work has been featured in many publications, which encouraged her to share her knowledge and begin teaching. She shares her talent and skill with students worldwide via on-demand classes on the internet as well as hands-on classes. She is the founder of Art Camp.

Find Terri online:
Class Schedule

Linzi Alford Buckmaster
Linzi Alford Buckmaster is a silversmith and jeweler who lives and works in the Lake District. She runs the designer jewelery shop MagPie In The Skyand has a penchant for making jewellery out of shiny pretty things. Photography is also a passion and she likes to use her photos as part of her jewelry creations. Linzi has written many online and magazine articles on jewelery-making. Her first book has recently been published "Jewelry For All Seasons" featuring nature-inspired projects and her own beautiful photographs taken in the English countryside. Check our TUTORIALS section for some fine how-to articles written by Linzi, just for us here at B'sue Boutiques.

Find Linzi online:
Facebook Business Page

Christi Friesen
Christi says in the Artist's Statement, found on her website:
"I just cannot help it, I must make things. My mind won't stop and my fingers follow.One of the things I find enjoyable about being an artist is the reaction I get when someone else enjoys my work. It is a special thing to be able to share a piece of yourself. And, of course, it's nice for the ego as well. Who doesn't like being told they're terrific once in a while.As with many artists, I enjoy creating in more than one media, but sculpting suits me best.I have chosen to work primarily in polymer, embellished with gems, pearls, beads found objects and other media, which are mostly worked into the sculpture while the clay is uncured. Additionally, I add tints, surface treatments and additional accents after the clay is cured. I feel this allows for a very integrated design. I work to create to amuse myself, but I hope you’ll be amused with me!"

Can't be said better than that!

Find Christi online:
Facebook Business Page

Michelle Mach
Michelle Mach is the author of Unexpected Findings: 50+ Clever Jewelry Designs Using Everyday Components. She specializes in creating simple, wearable jewelry using a wide variety of materials and techniques. Her 100+ jewelry designs have appeared in numerous magazines since 2007 including Jewelry Affaire, Jewelry Stringing, and Beadwork. A resident of Colorado, Michelle sells her handmade jewelry online and in selected shops and galleries in the U.S.

Find Michelle online:

Kate Mulligan
As a mixed media jewelry artist, the techniques and the components Kate uses are varied. Those techniques include metal work, embossing, wire, beading, resin work and etching. The creative components she most enjoys using include brass, copper, found objects, crystals, pearls, glass beads, clay, fiber and anything vintage. Kate's thoughts, feelings and self-taught skills combine to create her unique jewelry, which is one of a kind. Kate has participated in juried shows and has an excellent following in her home town where handcraft is honored and nurtured. Kate has worked with B'sue in the production of a number of videos, either appearing in them or conducting the video class, as well as designing projects that have been used in our videos. She is known for her concise video on metal etching, found on the B'sue Boutiques You Tube channel.

Find Kate online:

Lynda O'Mara
As a graphic designer, web developer and Internet Consultant, Lynda has had her own company (my day job) since 2001. Her business background is in the corporate world includes software trainer, technical writer, web developer, graphic designer and work in marketing communications. She is also the SEO and marketing director for B'sue Boutiques. Jewelry making is something she loves, doing so off and on since she was a child. After discovering the wonderful world of mixed media and brass stampings, Lynda found that she was finally able to start making the kind of jewelry she really likes. She loves color and bringing parts together to create a great new design, and finds such pleasure in.making things other people will enjoy wearing. Lynda is a very active member of the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group and also serves there as an admin.

Find Lynda online:
Facebook Business Page

Katie Oskin
Katie Oskin lives in rural NW Pennsylvania with her husband, dog and cat. Working with polymer clay since 2008, she has explored every technique published; her first love is sculpting. Katie has partnered with Christi Friesen and Lisa Pavelka on extensive projects as well as with many other polymer artists from around the globe. She also hosts a wide variety of polymer clay artists, designers and teacher on her website where over 200 free tutorials are offered. New PDF tutorials are released twice a month for Parker's Tutorials Club. Her work has also been published in both Polymer Cafe Magazine and The Polymer Arts; her sculpting techniques were taught via the 2015 & 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure. Katie is a special friend of B'sue Boutiques as she partners with us for special YouTube tutorials as well as teaches/assists at our annual B'sue Boutiques Workshop. Katie Oskin is a freelance designer and Design Squad Member for Polyform (the Sculpey people) from 2015-2017.

Find Katie online:
Polymer Clay Tutorial Club for Sculpters

Cynthia Wainscott
Cynthia Wainscott graduated as a Interior designer and mural painter in Lima Peru. The first pieces she ever designed were her wedding jewelry. That is when she fell in love with jewelry making. Once in the U.S she decided to pursue this new passion and "Exotic Peru" was born. Her work has evolved into unique designs that are a mix of trend and creative techniques, yet still retains the identity of her cultural roots. She says that every jewelry piece makes her feel like a painter using a new canvas.... and that the possibilities are endless. Cynthia wrote a fine tutorial on mixed media surface techniques called "Time to Feed the Birds" which is permanently housed at B'sue Boutiques.

Find Cynthia online:
Facebook Business Page

Harry Wood
Harry Wood graduated college from Truman State with a BA in Fine Arts in 1973. He worked as an apprentice goldsmith 1975-1983 at Ardan's corporate shop. He also worked in photo studios and labs until 2007. As if that was not enough, Harry also taught high school 2007-2010. He is now the owner/artist at Oscarcrow. Ever since finding B'sue Boutiques at Ebay, Harry has been active in our community and is a constant presence in the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group. He has lent a technical hand to many of our members needing advice about metal techniques, soldering, and tools. Many tutorials written by Harry Wood are housed at B'sue Boutiques. They are well-written documents that get to the point, and show photo by photo all of the necessary details to get the work done.

Find Harry online:

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