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20% off oRDERS 100.00 UP & FREE US SHIP, cODE


20% off oRDERS 100.00 UP & FREE US SHIP, cODE


20% off oRDERS 100.00 UP & FREE US SHIP, cODE


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Find quick answers to your questions below...

Do you ship to my country?

We do ship internationally, but there are a few countries for which we cannot accept orders or ship:
  • Indonesia
  • All African countries except South Africa
  • Some Middle Eastern countries, please inquire
  • Mexico

If you live in Mexico but have someone just across the border here in the US who can accept your package and get it to you, we can ship it to that person. We can only be responsible, however, for shipping to the US address. Beyond that, we can accept no responsibility.

I will accept orders for $50.00 or under to:
  • Italy
  • Brazil

Mostly, the reason we cannot ship to all of the above places is too much incidence of packages never arriving, fraud, theft, or an unstable world condition. We cannot accept payment by credit card for any of these countries. Payment MUST be made by Paypal. Thank you so much for understanding.

NOTE: There is a $20.00 minimum order for all international orders. We NEVER charge for filling out customs forms, but because it does take extra time we kindly ask that your order be $20.00 or more if you live outside the US.

What are my payment choices?

We prefer PayPal for international orders but if you must use a credit card we will be happy to try it for you, so long as you do not reside in one of the countries listed above.

When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?

Usually we ship within 3 days of receipt of your order unless it is peak season. If you have a rush for us to get your order out, please let us know. We will do our best.

Small orders under $50.00 ship most of the time by first class international mail for the least amount possible, usually it is $6-12.00. Charges are by weight so we cannot know before your order is sent. It may be necessary to bill you again after your order is packed in order to retrieve what is necessary to send your order. Orders over $50.00 and up to $150.00 ship wherever possible by international priority mail. If we can fit everything in the small packet, the charge is around $25.00. If your order is over 150.00, USUALLY we must ship by EXPRESS MAIL. This tracks and traces your order, and provides insurance. Cost is $40.00 to 65.00 in most cases, but if your order is very large and heavy, it can be more.

Please understand DUTY CHARGES are not part of postage. They are part of what your country levies as a tax to receive goods imported from another country. Duty is your responsibility and we will not have estimates for what charges will be---but if you contact your local Post Office, they will be able to help you. We have no control over duty charges. We declare value only as your cost of the goods purchased, the shipping fee you paid is NOT part of that. Sorry, we cannot label your package as a gift going overseas so that duty will not be charged. This is a form of smuggling and is illegal. Thank you so much for understanding.

What is the return policy?

International clientele may return orders so long as they contact us first and let us know why they must return. We will refund them for the return after we receive the package back from them. If something is missing from an international order, let us know right away. We do our best to see that this never happens. If there was an inventory error, the customer will be sent a refund at the time of processing. If we missed something, we usually just send a refund when you contact us about the shortage.

Please feel free to ask questions before placing orders and note dimensions of the items in the listings. If you are unsure that something will work for your project, please contact me at [email protected]. Send me the item SKU number and I'll have a look for you and advice, before you place your order.

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