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Flatback Rhinestones

Pretty machine-cut flatback crystals add a little sparkle to any handmade design! Here you will find small lots to do the job, in lots of pretty colors. We sell Czech Preciosa brand, which has all the sparkle of Austrian crystal, but is a little more economical to use. To set flatbacks: highly recommended that you use HYPO TUBE CEMENT. Other glues may create a chemical reaction with the foil on the back of the stones, which is a mirror finish that creates part of their special glow. HYPO TUBE CEMENT will not create any issues with the foil on stones and so has always been the best job for setting or resetting foiled stones of any age, make, or style. You might also want to try a Jewel Setter, item SKU jewelsetter found in the Basic Jewelry Making Tools section. This nifty tool holds the pesky little stones in place as you set them, making them easier to work with....believe me, you'll be more than happy you picked up a Jewel Setter!

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