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Charms, Lockets, Pendants

Charm jewelry and lockets never go out of style. You cannot go wrong when you lay in a stock of fun charms, pendants and lockets to make charm bracelets and easy peasy earrings. Many tell me this section of my website is their favorite. They love our French Language charms as well as the novelty style retro fifties look charms some of us remember on our mother's jewelry----or even in the five and dime store when we were kids. Be sure to check over these sections carefully and grab some bibs and bobs to take home. It's fun and easy to make charm jewelry and here's a little secret for ya, too: it sells REALLY WELL for jewelry makers who offer their work online, in boutiques, and at shows.

Steampunk Supplies

B'sue has clock charms, watch parts and fobs, gears, cogs and wheels. She's got wings and more wings! And then.... there are those spinning propellers, keys and hand stampings....and wonderful lenses and art bubbles for your focals! You know, the ones that magnify a bit. Wow, what a great start for some new STEAMPUNK and Found Item style designs!

All of our metal goods are made in the USA.

Here are a few videos to get those juices flowing:

Triple Strand Kitchen Sinker Necklace
Full of Charms:

Mixed Metal Mini's...Great Little Earrings
You Can Make From a Little of This,
and Bits of That:

Simple Embellishments on Simple Surfaces
(Keys and Spoons)

Making Jewelry Out of Spoons:

What is Kitchen Sink Jewelry?
Working With Charms

Here are some videos to give you some ideas on how you might get started creating your own Steampunk looks:
Bezels and Lenses:

Steampunk Jewelry Designs:
Making a Steampunk Ring: