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New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

Darkening Patina For All Metals 8oz

Darkening Patina, For All Metals, Traditional Patina, 8oz

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Darkening Patina is most commonly used cold on bronze, brass, and copper to produce a beautiful brown finish. This patina is often diluted with distilled water before use to lighten the color. Normal colors will range from golden brown to very dark brown (almost black). On iron and steel, Darkening Patina will create a grey to black finish. On zinc, this patina will also be black.

You do not need a metal coating if you are using it on bare metal. The formula is in a nice spray bottle, 8 ounces, which is 8 times the amount you got in the smaller patina bottles we once carried. Apply directly to the cleaned metal surface. DO NOT apply direct sunlight, optimal temperatures is between 50-80 F. This product is made by the parent company that produced the small patina product we once carried, and has the same color affect.

Directions: Use in a well ventilated area. Always wear at least goggles or face shield, and gloves when handling product. The odor is not strong but tends to smell a bit like vinegar.

Store in temperatures between 50-90 F. Comes in a spray bottle, but you can open it up and use it 'straight' if you like.

1) Clean the metal with metal cleaner and degreaser and a Scotch-Brite pad, rinse with water after a few minutes. (If you have nothing else, clean with hot, soapy water and RINSE WELL). Cleaning the surface is mandatory after sanding or handling with bare hands. DO NOT use acetone or any solvent based cleaners.
Recommended is the new metal cleaner we now carry, made by the same parent company, to co-ordinate with everything else in the line. .

2) Apply to the metal surface by brush, sponge, roll, or spray, however you get the patina on the metal , it will react with the surface but it may show characteristics based on application method. Spraying is the most common method for uniform finishes and sponging is nice for more of a mottled finish. In our experience, Darkening Patina develops far more quickly than does Tiffany Green. If you heat the metal a bit before applying (heat gun or torch, both work) It will develop almost immediately.

Here's something different---we were always told to rinse the patina after you get it to the point where you like it. BUT: the manufacturer says: DO NOT rinse this patina; it is designed to dry on the surface. See what works best for you.

3) 24-48 hours after you apply the patina, you can clear coat the metal. Heat the metal with a heat gun or allow it to dry on its own. In any case you need to be sure that there is no excess moisture retained in the metal surface. Moisture will cause the patina and clear coat to not adhere properly. Apply desired clear coat. We now carry Smart Coat in a convenient spray bottle, 8 ounces instead of the small bottles of one ounce, as we used to. Much more economic to use it this way.

WARNING!May cause reddening, irritation, or burns to the eyes or skin. Irritation to the throat or nose may occur if breathing vapors. Burns to the mouth, throat and stomach if ingested. SO: Do not ingest!! Do not breathe fumes, vapor or spray. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear eye protection and gloves. You might opt to use a little respirator as well.

FIRST AID: If on skin, wash with soap and water. Flush with water for 15 minutes if in eyes. If ingested, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or the label. Seek medical attention for any side effects from using this product. Keep out of reach of children. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR THE USE OF ANYONE under 13 years, and under 18, with strict supervision.
Sold by the package.

Directions: Use in a well ventilated area. Always wear goggles or face shield, protective clothing and gloves when handling.

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SOLD: By The Package
COLOR/PLATING: Darkening Patina

Darkening Patina, For All Metals, Traditional Patina, 8oz



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