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Blanks, Bezels & Mounts

Rings, cuff bracelets, bezel bracelets, necklace blanks, brooch blanks....lots and lots of bezels, frames, and mounts! You've come to the right place to get everything you need for your assemblage, resin, inlay, polymer clay, and cameo projects!

I don't carry EVERY base or blank in the universe, but I'll tell you what I do carry: I carry the stuff THAT WORKS BEST.

So for example, instead of carrying twenty cuff blanks, I carry the GOOD ones, the sturdy ones, the ones I know through my own USE, will work out for you. Same thing with ring blanks: we carry several, but several is all that is needed. I've played around with all of them and these are the ones worth having in *your* workshop stash and the only ones I really want in mine.

Here are a few videos to help you have fun with them:

How to Make Beerings

Spoon jewelry bracelet, cameo jewelry

All You Need to Know about ETCHING

Using Bezels and Magnifying Lenses
Working with Bezel Bracelets to Make a
Convertible Necklace:

Earrings and Pendants With
Lace Edged Bezels: