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Gift Certificate

To obtain gift certificates at B'sue Boutiques, you have a number of options. First, you may just click through and follow the prompts. It will ask you how you want it sent to you, how much, etc. You will simply put it in your cart and you will be given a gift code that you can give to the giftee. OR: if you would rather, you may contact me to make a special code that might be easier for the recipient to remember instead of a jumble of numbers. There is no extra charge for that. Normally we here at B'sue Boutiques do not mail the codes but if you would like us to do that for you, call us at 1-800-868-4393 to make arrangements. I will purchase a very nice card and include a custom code for the recipient and mail it for you. There is a 5.00 charge for this, which simply covers the expenses of procuring and mailing a nice gift-worthy card. OR: if you would rather, I can email the recipient with their code for you. There is no charge for emailing the code for you. Contact me at and I will do that. You can also purchase gift certificates direct by contacting me there instead of making a customer account and going through the website system. We can do it by direct paypal invoice or by credit card. Call or write, however you like. The is the best way rather than the CONTACT US button here at the site, I will see you quickly that way and help ASAP.