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Our annual workshop will be held MAY 14-16, 2021. The class will be easy to's online in a closed Facebook group, three days of live video that will be archived and you can watch over and over again for years to come! AND a month afterward to spend in our virtual classroom trading ideas, sharing photos and having fun. During that time you will have my rapt attention so if you need me, all you'll have to do is tag me!

There will be THREE FULL DAYS of real-time fun and laughter We'll carry on via LIVE VIDEO at YouTube, where you can comment and ask questions! All you do is come to the classroom about 10 minutes before we start, and Javi will have a nice link ready for you to click, and whisk you right away to the LIVE class on You Tube.

All videos will be on YOUTUBE...where you can continue to watch them more if you like. They will be private videos, just for the class members, not for the public.

Remember, if you can't get to the videos in real-time, NOT TO WORRY. YouTube saves them and you can go back and view them over and over again in the classroom group. All links for the videos will be in the Facebook classroom.

This time we will be exploring more bead mosaic using APOXIE SCULPT. We will discover why every artist's tool kit needs to have it on hand. We'll be doing special jewelry making videos AND!! FIRST TIME EVER---something NON-JEWELRY, so you can stretch your wings with mosaic! We'll be doing a picture frame. You can use parts from B'sue Boutiques, our mosaic mixes, beads from your stash and busted bling...and stuff you stashed away for a special project. For the FIRST TIME, I'll demo how I've done my frames for many years.

Fee for the three-day class is ***$125.00. *** This includes everything but supplies. This is all the videos, access to the videos in the class group till June 19, 2021, also access to me as your teacher at the group till June 19, as well as the bonus, LIVE session for this group only.

I will have a supply kit available soon. I will only be making 30 of them and they will have to ship out by May 5 at the latest, so that they reach you on time. Fee for the kit is probably going to be 125.00 plus 10.00 to help with the shipping. I will be including a LOT of stuff in the kit, and a big one-pound Apoxie Sculpt kit so you will have PLENTY. I'll have a list soon....that way you can check the supply kit and see if have enough stuff already on your own...and that's fine, too. You DON'T have to get a kit.

How to pay? You can contact me for a PayPal invoice,, or call Jordan at 1-800-868-4393 if you want to pay with a credit card. OR: you can use the handy link at the bottom of this page where you can pay with PayPal and with credit cards. However you like. The link is live, so you can sign up now, through May 13th, 2021 (day before class.) No coupons. After you pay please contact me by Facebook message or you can email me at Or contact Jordan at This way we get you on the list to be put in the classroom when it opens.

Ask questions if you need to, you can call me 1-800-868-4393 and speak with me personally. There are no refunds because doing the class on line means if I'd get sick or have a family emergency (not anticipated but you never know!) we just reschedule. EASY PEASY. REMEMBER:

Even if something comes up and you can't be present for the class in real-time, you can always come and view it later.... over and over again! You really won't miss anything. Towards the end of the class, Javi and I will do a bonus live video where you can ask questions, etc.

If you are doing the class---or even if you aren’t! ---please join us at the Event Facebook group, to stay up on the latest info. Ask to join and I will let you in. If you have trouble finding it, please email me or message me at Facebook.

Please join us!

Brenda Sue Lansdowne at Facebook

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