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B'sue Boutiques Annual Workshop


Our annual workshop will be held on MAY 13, 20, 22, and JUNE 5, 2022.
This session is going to be exciting, I am so happy to be teaching so many mixed media tricks and techniques to that you can create your own jewelry that speaks to what you love, the things you do in life, or tell your story. To inspire you that would be things like:

A nature walk---music--instant ancestors---your hobbies--favorite memories and vacations--a movie that touches your heart, or a book that does the same.
Maybe: an old love letter or a favorite poem?

Here is an example, I've been dying to do something using an old Spanish poem for so long. Hmmm....can I make it happen in class? We'll see.

But the poem goes this way (below) and is easy to translate. It is written by Gustavo Becquer.

Suspiros son aire y van por el aire (Breath is air and goes into the air)
Lagrimas son agua y van por el mar (Tears are water and go to the sea)
Dime, mi bien, cuando el amor se olvida ( Tell me, dear one, when love forgets you)
Sabes adonde va? (Do you know where it goes?) I LOVE this poem....but it would be a challenge, maybe that's why I never did it!! LOL

Think of poems or books you like...Perhaps a sonnet by Shakespeare, a quote, or a short poem by Emily Dickenson.
OR, even a nursery rhyme, like Hey Diddle, Diddle. When Jordan was a little boy, he told me I should make a piece of jewelry with parts in it to tell about the, fiddle, cow, moon, little dog, dish, spoon. It made a good charm bracelet!

OR yours could be message jewelry. Do you have a message to proclaim? Make it into JEWELRY.

SO.....we'll talk about the possibilities....and then I will show you the techniques, the little bits you can improvise and build, to make it happen. Things involving polymer clay, apoxie sculpt, wire, paper, mod podge, patina brass bits, found items and MORE.

We will do things like: making a spinner from wire and an apoxie sculpt bead....decoupaged heavy watercolor paper earrings....faux leather look polymer clay top bracelet...ideas for leather cord necklaces....making patina on clay and metal with Swellegant....making word to put an image under a glass dome....Apoxie charms and pendants with color, texture and inlaid charms...making artsy connectors with wire and coils, wound wire beads....and whatever else comes to mind as we go along! That's why we have the CLASSROOM plus the LIVE VIDEOS, to share/discuss all those ideas we get about putting message and memory jewelry that tells a story, together. And why the video sessions are spaced apart so that we have time to absorb things during our time together.

Classroom opens at Facebook on May 7-8 and will stay open til about June 15. May 13 is a full day, Friday....May 20 is a full day, Friday. The Fridays are 10-5 with a break at lunch time. May 22 is a half day, Sunday, and so is June 5. 2-5pm.

It's time to sign up! Keep scrolling down this page to purchase the kit, or the kit and the class, or just the kit. If you buy the kit and class as a bundle, you'll get 20.00 off what they cost separately. Also, after the class opens the students will all receive a 20% off savings pass for things they might want from the site, and that will be good til the end of June, even though the classroom will probably close on June 15.

Once students are in the class, I'll explain how to access the videos and provide links. If you've taken one of my classes in the last year or two, you already know the drill....easy!
As before, all paid students 'own' the class and can return to watch the videos over and over again for as long as you like.

Can't make the live class? You can still get the videos to watch on your own. There are some who do that, too.
All I have to do is send you the links. ;-) And, if you don't care about the class, you don't have to be on Facebook. That's up to you. ;-)


  • Vintage scrap chain bag
  • Super white apoxie sculpt (might be apoxie clay this time, still deciding.)
  • Polymer clay
  • Mod podge, satin
  • Paper package: heavy watercolor paper, text tissue and papers, etc
  • Swellegant, metal coating and patina, full bottles.
  • 3mm leather cord and cord ends...we'll have new ideas on how to make cool necklaces with it.
  • Stick glue and a tube of E6000
  • Miscellaneous lace edge bezels and glass domes
  • Heavy big jumps and large lobster
  • Wooden tube beads and eyelet rivets
  • 20 Gauge wire full spool
  • Miscellaneous brass pieces, hoops and charms


THINGS TO GATHER (besides the stuff in the kit if you aren't getting one):

  • Pliers, cutters, hole punch, paper punch
  • non-stick work surface like teflon mat (we have some at the website)
  • Black acrylic paints, metallic markers if you have some
  • Texture sheets, perfect pearls mica powders, heat tool, pointy tool.
  • Baby wipes and paper towels.

I'll probably expand on that in the next week or two, but you can start gathering those things now.


All videos will be on YOUTUBE...where you can continue to watch them more if you like. They will be private videos, just for the class members, not for the public.

Remember, if you can't get to the videos in real-time, NOT TO WORRY. YouTube saves them and you can go back and view them over and over again in the classroom group. All links for the videos will be in the Facebook classroom.

Have questions? ASK ME. Call weekdays 12-5pm or weekends 2-8pm. 800-868-4393 You can also pay over the phone if you want, but the site is very secure and you can click straight through to PayPal or pay by credit card. We have Visa, MC and Discover.

You might also want to explore the PayPal deal where you can pay in four no-interest payments. Click on the banner on our home page to learn more. Another possibility is you can apply for PayPal credit which gives you up to six months to pay. I love PayPal credit and use it to pay some of my suppliers. Check it out, click on the banner on our homepage, or go to PayPal and ask about it. It might make it possible for you to do the class if things are tight for you right now. ;-)
Ask questions if you need to, you can call me 1-800-868-4393 and speak with me personally. There are no refunds because doing the class on line means if I'd get sick or have a family emergency (not anticipated but you never know!) we just reschedule. EASY PEASY. REMEMBER:

Even if something comes up and you can't be present for the class in real-time, you can always come and view it later.... over and over again! You really won't miss anything.

If you are doing the class---or even if you aren’t! ---please join us at the Event Facebook group, to stay up on the latest info. Ask to join and I will let you in. If you have trouble finding it, please email me or message me at Facebook.

Please join us!

Brenda Sue Lansdowne at Facebook

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