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Russian Gold, Vintage Style Brass

Russian gold, or Russian gold plating is a name often used in the jewelry making trade to refer to a rich, antiqued, specialty gold finish over brass.

There are differences from one vintage/collectible jewelry designer to another, as the look has been broadly interpreted.
For example, the Russian Gold finish on some vintage jewelry is more of a pale brass ox, but warm and rich. On others, it is a unique vintage gold, but greyed down just a bit.

The Russian gold plating you will find at B'sue Boutiques was developed in quest of producing a look as much like the old Miriam Haskell finish as possible.

This is not our first adventure with an RGP finish. Some of our customers may recall that we tried it before.

Previously, we did it on an 18 k base; This time we used a 22 karat gold base. Each batch that is made will be compared to the one that was made just before it in order to keep it 'true'.

It is no longer possible to make a finish *just exactly like* the old Haskell finish. Chemicals were used to create it that are no longer legal for use in the finishing trade today.

We're okay with the fact that we can't get the wonderful old finish right on the nose! We've got no intention to copy old work or make it possible for others to do so. But the old look SHOULD be preserved. So....THIS is B'sue Boutiques RGP, *our* Russian gold plated finish, inspired by the glow of the old vintage pieces.

All of the finishes offered at B'sue Boutiques are US made. They are produced with strict obedience to today's standards for metal product. There is no nickel in any of our finishes.

NOTE: if some pieces in our line have more antiquing on them than you would like, **gently** remove it with a tiny swipe of 0000 steel wool, or just a careful buff of a Sunshine cloth. The finish is permanent, but you can distress it just as you might distress our Rusty Black, Matte Black or Choxie finishes. I recommend that if you alter the finish in any way ( a white wash coat done with some liquified Gilder's Paste might be interesting!) that you re-seal it by spraying with two light misted coats of matte spray lacquer....or a dip in Swellegant Clear Cote, which we sell in the Swellegant section on this website.

We hope you will enjoy working with it as much we already have!
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