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Gingerbread, Pewter

Gingerbread plating on our pewter castings is matte dark copper with pinch of cinnamon brown. This artisan finish carefully mocks the patina you'll find on vintage French brass findings, and is very authentic.

For those who would like a bit more definition: Brush on some burnt sienna acrylic paint. Wait a moment, then buff it out thoroughly with an old towel.

Need more depth? Do it again! Add a touch of black if you like, and deepen even more. When you finish adding highlights, be sure to SEAL the finished piece. Most often I find some matte or satin spray lacquer works perfectly well. Another great finish is Swellegant Clear Coat.

For a true vintage look, stay with matte sealants and avoid anything glossy. HAVE FUN!

**Please note: all castings in the B'sue by 1928 line are copyright-protected. Use them to make jewelry or anything else in your art, any way you wish. It is not necessary for you to reveal the resource for the components. Be as creative as you like with your designs using this line, and it's fine sell your work!

BUT: None of these pieces may be reproduced whether in polymer clay, precious metal clay, resin or any other media, including pewter. Molds may never be made and offered for resale. The pieces may never be reproduced and resold as components for profit in other media or in pewter or other metals. Thank you so much for understanding!**