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Reponsible Repurposing Class: Discover The Value of Vintage Jewelry
Reponsible Repurposing Class: Discover The Value of Vintage Jewelry

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It's time to sign up for the Responsible Repurposing class!

It's a great class where you learn about the value of old jewelry. We'll review major design styles starting with the Georgian period (late 1700's-early 1800's) ,and through all three style periods of the Victorian era. We will have a close look at Edwardian style (think time of the Titanic) as well as Arts and Crafts Period jewelry design and the beloved Art Nouveau period. Then comes Art Deco and several offshoot designs that crop up during that period, like Jugendstil and Bauhaus. We'll have a good look at early 20th period Czech period, such as the work of the Neiger Brothers. We'll talk about early plastics like bakelite, lucite and celluloid---and how to tell the differences between them---and we will talk about jewelry created during WWII when materials were scarce and innovation became key.

Finally, we come to what many people call "the Golden Age of Design" where jewelry designers became well known and developed their own design styles, such as Miriam Haskell pieces from the Frank Hess era, Alfred Phillipe of Trifari, and the work of Mme. Schiaparelli and Mme. Chanel. And that's just for starts--as in the US especially, there were many, many well-known design houses! So in this segment, you will learn to look for marks and how to discover who they represent, and which styles in a design line are most highly collected.

In the class you will learn how to circa-date your pieces (guesstimate age), triage of box of auction or estate jewelry or a bag of junk picked up at a flea market. You will also learn how to sniff out possible pieces of value even when they aren't signed and how to continue your journey to learn more, after class ends.

The class is intended to set you on a lovely quest to learn more and more, years into the future. You'll won't learn everything in this class--it's not possible! but, you will learn basics.You will become a jewelry detective and discover how to ferret out what you need to know about the pieces you find. Some will be easy to identify, and some you may have to put aside and continue your search later on.

Most of all, you will learn respect for the brilliant designers of all ages who came before you decided to make jewelry. My wish for you is that you begin to see pieces of old jewelry in ways you never even thought of, before.You'll learn to let it speak to you, inspire you, help you in your own jewelry design work. And most of all you will come to understand the golden rule regarding vintage and antique jewelry :If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

My hope is that you will learn to turn old jewelry into a second income stream. Collectors will reward you monetarily for your finds by purchasing them. With good photos and a decent working description of an interesting piece, your items will sell at Etsy, Ebay, Ruby Lane and other similar platforms ---including your own website. And, interestingly, artisan jewelry design can often be sold right alongside your vintage finds. Many vendors who sell vintage jewelry, compacts, purses, gloves and perfume bottles also sell their own work in the vintage style.

Everything I garnered from doing this very thing was what funded what I do now, but it came first from a love of old things. And yes, there are times when it's fine to use bits and pieces to make something else; these things often add charm to your work. But first: KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE.

The class starts Friday, January 22, 2021 with a live video session. The class is on Facebook in a closed, private group that only students have access to. I will put those who have signed up and paid the 80.00 fee in the classroom earlier in the week that class begins. There you will get instructions on how to find the videos for the class as well as the modules for discussion. Class will last until the third week of February. Some will be conducted in real time but most won't be, so you can come and ago. ALL VIDEO will be done privately at YOU TUBE. The links will be given to you to join the session in the class group. ALL VIDEO will be ARCHIVED, meaning you will be able to come and go indefinitely to view them over and over again, far into the future after class is over.

You do have to be on Facebook to participate in this class. The class costs 80.00 and covers everything you need except a notebook and a pen to take notes. You do not have to buy supplies or anything else.

If you have questions, please call the office Mon-Friday 9-5 pm EST 1-800-868-4393. Ask for B'sue and I'll be glad to give you a few minutes to help. There is a link on this page for you to pay for the class if you prefer. You can pay by PayPal or credit card. Or you can call in a credit card number to pay. Once I get your payment, I will be in touch to make sure you know where to come for the class and when. After you make your payment, please send me a friend request at Facebook (Brenda Sue Lansdowne) so that I will be easily able to place you in the Facebook class.

I'm thrilled to be teaching this class again this year! We're gonna have a great time and learn exciting new things. I hope you will join us!

B'sue (please no coupon codes may be applied toward the purchase of this class-thanks for understanding!)

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