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Winter 2024 Workshop Botanical Bliss Video Class

Winter 2024 Workshop: Botanical Bliss Video Class Only

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Winter 2024 Workshop
Botanical Bliss: A Compendium Of Beautiful Assemblage Techniques (Video Class Only)

This class will feature three extensive projects based on my designs in the past: a waterfall bib necklace dripping with beads and a wired neckline, which I have never shared nor taught before; The iridescent blues and purples butterfly necklace with Czech glass star sapphire cabs (yay, I came upon a vintage stash) and the golden floral waterfall necklace with wired components in the center and up the sides (hard to discern that from the photo). The class will be three full days long, on Fridays, a week apart---as we have done in the past. There will also be a catch up day at the end for anything that didn't get addressed. SO: THREE FULL DAYS and a half day catch up session (if needed will be expanded to a full day).

There will be a classroom as well, where you can show your work or ask questions in between classes if you like. The virtual class room is held on Facebook and you do not have to be there in real time.

Dates are March 1, 8, 15 and 22. PLEASE NOTE: dates have changed.

If it's important for you to be there at least some of the time in real time, those are the days I'll be live, 10-12:30 am EST and 1:10-4:00pm EST, morning and afternoon. COST: $135.00 if you want to take the class on its own without a kit.

Just getting the class is fine! Maybe you can make it work just by watching.....or maybe you'd rather watch and if you love the projects, contact me later to see what I can put together for you

There are no previous videos for ANY of these projects and there won't be for a long time into the future, maybe never

Feel free to pay here through our secure server with PayPal or a credit card.. If you need to talk to me about the class, call me 330-886-0052 Monday through Friday 9-9pm EST. On the weekends, you can call but I pick up by chance in the afternoons. ;-)

Leave me a message!

Video classes are non refundable and can't be transferable to gift certificates.

Please****** no coupon codes may be applied toward the purchase of this class-thanks for understanding!)***** If that happens by mistake, we'll have to bill you for the unpaid portion of the class. Thank you for understanding!

Winter 2024 Workshop: Botanical Bliss Video Class Only



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