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Time to Feed the Birds, Mixed Media Cuff By Cynthia Wainscott

Time to Feed the Birds, Mixed Media Cuff By Cynthia Wainscott

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SURFACE TREATMENT: Paper texture technique and embossing powder

  • Dapping block
  • Riveting hammer
  • Bail making pliers
  • Cutter pliers
  • Heat embossing gun
  • Foam brush
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Ornate background rubber stamp
  • Hole punch or Drill

  • Lumiere paints colors: 568 Pearl white, 561 Metallic Gold, 556 Halo Blue-Gold, 573 Pearlescent Magenta.
  • White Acrylic paint
  • Diamond Glaze
  • Ice Resin plunger
  • Adirondack Alcohol Inks colors: Red Pepper, Mushroom and Butterscotch
  • Two Inch Smooth Raw Brass Cuff Base
  • Ornate Frame Style Square Finding
  • 2 Pretty Floral Sprig Findings Brass ox finish
  • 2 Flower Stem brass ox finish
  • 1 Earthenwood Studios by Melanie Brooks (sold at B'sue Boutiques) Clock Connector
  • 1 Earthenwood Studio by Melanie Broocks (sold at B'sue Boutiques) Robin Trinket Link
  • Sari Ribbon
  • White Tissue paper
  • E6000 adhesive
  • 1 Garden Seed Charm
  • 1 Composition “Mini Layered” 10 mm plastic rose creamy ivory color.
  • 1 Peach Resin Flat back Rose
  • Art paper
  • Nail head rivets
  • White embossing powder
  • White pigment ink pad ( this ink pad works better with the embossing powders than the regular embossing ink pad which is clear, with the white pigment ink pad you will see the texture once is transferred and it takes longer to dry which adheres the embossing powder better .)
  • 4 mm Topaz Rhinestones (4)
  • 3 mm crystal Rhinestones (6)
  • Note: Please work in a well-ventilated area; prolonged exposure to the fumes of the glue can be potentially harmful to your health.

Tip: For each step, air drying is the best and most recommended method.

1. Grab a piece of the tissue paper and wrinkle it, expand it, and set aside. With a paintbrush coat the 2-inch cuff with Diamond Glaze; once covered press the tissue paper onto the cuff. Once it dries cut off the excess paper with scissors and apply Diamond glaze to the edges and press with your fingers to secure the paper to the cuff.

2. With a medium, brush paint the cuff with white acrylic paint by dabbing it gently. Only one coat is needed. Let dry ( You can speed up the drying process using a heat gun set on low heat ).

3. When dried apply the Alcohol Inks by dripping randomly in different areas color by color at first, you can go over a second time with the inks until you achieve the desired look. You can also mix the colors by dabbing with a dry brush. Let dry for about 15 minutes or use the heat gun.

4. Use an ornately textured background rubber stamp and press it onto the white pigment ink pad, then transfer the design to the cuff by pressing firmly and slowly with a rolling movement. No stamp is big enough for the length of the cuff and you might need to press the stamp by parts until you fill the cuff with the design.

5. With the cuff on a piece of paper sprinkle a generous amount of white embossing powder while making sure that you have covered all the areas with the inked design. Shake the excess powder onto the white paper and return it to your container.

6. Set the cuff on a slid-resistant surface and proceed to emboss with the heat gun on high heat using up and down movements until the powder melts and turns glossy. After you finish, the temperature of the cuff will be really hot, please let the cuff cool off; if not you might burn yourself!

7. Use the ICE Resin plunger to mix a small amount of resin to coat the whole cuff; once mixed apply a coat of the resin with a foam brush and let it dry according to manufacturer instructions. For mixing and more instructions about ICE resin, please watch this B'sue video: bsueboutiques#p/search/0/n2- lIZQlGEw

8. Once the cuff is completely cured you can start working with the collage focal. Cut a piece of art paper to fit the Ornate Brass frame, coat the paper at least 3 times with Diamond Glaze for both sides; let dry and set aside. With the bail-making pliers curve the frame to perfectly shape the center of the cuff; you can also use your hands. Make two holes on two opposite sides of the frame with a hole-punch or Drill, and transfer them to the cuff with a Sharpie; drill the holes on the cuff.

9. Glue the paper onto the cuff, then let it dry; put the frame on top of the paper, put the rivets on the holes through the frame and cuff and on a dabbing block hammer them with the riveting hammer. For more tips about riveting watch this B'sue video: bsueboutiques#p/search/0/ OUPV4ay2FXk

10. Paint with Lumiere paints the flower stems, the floral sprigs, and the Seeds charm, let dry, coat with Diamond glaze to protect and cover the holes with the rhinestones, also embellish the two resin flowers with rhinestones. (I added a little ribbon to the seeds charm for extra flair!) Trim metal ends of the Earthenwood Studio Clock Connector and Bird components.

11. Glue with the E6000 Adhesive to arrange the components inside the frame; the flower stems and sprigs can come out of the frame. Cut two pieces of Sari ribbon ( that coordinates with your design) approximately each 5 inches long and add a drop of E6000 on the back of the cuff, wrap the Sari ribbon on the sides of the frame and tie a double knot on the front and Voila!!!

Note: Store your cuff properly to protect it from abrasion or other damages.

Cynthia Wainscott graduated as an Interior Designer and Mural painter in her native country of Peru. Once in the U.S., her deep passion for the arts took her to a different but still creative path of “Jewelry design” and combined with her love of her roots and memories “Exotic Peru” was born. “I like to experiment with different techniques, to play with different materials and textures, I think of every design as a work of art, and every idea as a new canvas.” Please visit my Etsy store at and on my Facebook fan page.

Would you like to design a project for our website? All designers will get full credit, links to their website and a gift certificate to spend any way they like at B'sue Boutiques website. Contact B'sue for details at [email protected]

Time to Feed the Birds, Mixed Media Cuff By Cynthia Wainscott



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