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Rusted Iron, Brass

This finish is the same as you will find on the Rusted Iron, Pewter. It may interpret a bit lighter or darker as it is done over brass instead of pewter, and of course, brass metal has different properties than pewter metal.

These findings are brought to you to complement the new B'sue by 1928 line of castings. They are not made by 1928, but are the same brass material as I carry in my other brass lines.

Once again the base plating coat is copper, and then a very sturdy iron oxide top is applied to the top. It will have subtle highlights, but you may add more by distressing the finish with fine steel wool or a nail buffing block such as they use in salons.

While we will not have all the many findings found in our other brass lines in this finish, we will continue to add the needed components to this page frequently.