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New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

New Code This week! BEADLOVE for 25% off all Beads in Beads & Rhinestones section, no minimum order!

Summer 2023 Workshop, Uptown Boho Jewelry Class

Summer 2023 Workshop: Uptown Boho Jewelry Video Class Only

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Summer 2023 Workshop: Uptown Boho Class Without Kit

It seems like we've been talking about this class for months! And now I've got it all pulled together and ready to go...and you can sign up.

This class has a different twist for B'sue---totally mixed media same as ever, but it will be textile rich and there will be more stitching than gluing. If you never have stitched in your life, no biggie, I'll show you how. It's like falling off a log! And once you start, you won't want to stop.

We'll be focusing on using sari silk, satiny ribbon, brocade, felt, muslin, tulle and the make outstanding statement pieces that will be as unique as you are. You know those artisans at Etsy who make the lovely embellished cuffs, necklaces, earrings and bracelets? Well, by the end of the Uptown Boho class you'll be well on your way to becoming one of them. We will also use metal bits, bone beads---if you like---the typical B'sue Boho fare, but with a twist. A BIG twist.

In class, DAY ONE our first day will be a full day, June 16, 2023. We'll begin at 10:00 am EST, break at 12:30 for 40 minutes for lunch, come back at 1:10 and go til 4pm EST. THAT day will be FULL of prep techniques: making a variety of flowers, little to statement size, from various textiles; we'll also see what we can do to put some felt and brocade beads together. We'll talk about slow stitch which has become very popular among fiber artists (and it's nothing but fun and easy as pie)!

I always have a special classroom group with all of my courses, so you'll be able to work on and perfect making roses and beads until the next class on June 30, 2023--and you can share what you've made with the class group. The classroom group is on FACEBOOK. All the videos will be announced there, but they will be LIVE at YouTube. Don't worry if they are at a bad time for you, because they will all archive, and you can go back and watch when it's convenient. In fact, you can go back and watch them over and over for years to come if you like. You will have full possession of the private URL, the class will belong to you. It will not fade away after a couple of months like some out there, do. You can take this class or use it as a refresher over and over again, if that suits you.

Our next class after the full day class of flower and bead making will be June 30, and it will be the first in a series of at least FIVE afternoon classes. One each week, on Fridays. The classes will be 12:30-4:00 pm EST.
So that's DAY TWO: June 30 (half day) ALL earrings featuring lace, embellishments, chain dangles, ribbon roses and more. Fun stuff that we really have never done before!

DAY THREE July 7 (half day): Vintage Lady Face Brooch or Pendant....not at all the norm. This one is big and effusive, no friendly plastic like the ones from 25-30 years ago. You've not seen one like this least not from B'sue! And we WILL be using the original vintage lady faces, I found a small cachet of them--not so easily to find, anymore. You will also be able to adapt the ideas to other statement pieces you may want to make in the future.

DAY FOUR: July 14 (half day) Cabbage Rose Necklace with Crochet and Sari---similar to the one I've been showing on the Creative Group but BETTER. ;-) If you are getting the kit you will receive a BUNCH of great sari and trims to make it. If you are not getting the kit, you'll want to gather some.

DAY FIVE: July 21 (half day) slow stitch bits and pieces and bracelet with sari. Big time Boho!!

The course as assembled here is over 20 hours of instruction. BUT: If we aren't able to complete the curriculum in the days allotted, I will stretch the class to a day extra.

You can buy the class on its own for $115.00 OR you can buy the class with a textile kit for $175.00. Kits will ship by June you will want to sign up NOW to be sure to get one. I have been planning this kit for WEEKS on END! This link is for purchase of the class and the kit. Kits are limited so if you want one, you know what to do!

The classroom at Facebook will be open no later than Monday, June 5th.

The kit will be rich in textiles, sequins, scrap lace vintage and new, brass findings, crochet bits, chipboard, lace pins, ribbon roses and flowers, tiny appliques, lace and ribbon trims, satin, fabric for slow stitch, scrap chain, vintage lady face and so much more. For the extra you pay to receive the class with kit it's a terrific value. Small kits for slow stitch ALONE go for $20-25.00 at Etsy!.....let alone ALL this other stuff.

If you aren't getting the kit, you'll will want to gather the things above as well as:

  • needles and thread (white, beige, black, gold color)
  • tiny cameos and embellishments, seed beads
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • E6000
  • scissors
  • poly clay brick or pack of apoxie sculpt
  • 2mm rhinestone chain
  • ruler
  • e6000

If you'll be wanting a kit, best to order sooner than later, but if I'm out, I'll see what I can pull together for you.

Feel free to pay here through our secure server with PayPal or a credit card.. If you need to talk to me about the class, call me 330-886-0052 Monday through Friday 9-9pm EST. On the weekends, you can call but I pick up by chance in the afternoons. ;-)
Leave me a message!

Class kits and classes are non refundable and can't be transferable to gift certificate.

Please****** no coupon codes may be applied toward the purchase of this class-thanks for understanding!)*****

Summer 2023 Workshop: Uptown Boho Jewelry Video Class Only



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