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Swellegant Cameos! Resin Cameos and Settings Swellegant With Pantina By Linzi Alford

Swellegant Cameos! Resin Cameos and Settings Swellegant With Pantina By Linzi Alford

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For this project, I reprised the Plastic Fantastic Patina technique and transformed resin cameos and settings with Swellegant aged patina metallic effects. Please refer back to my tutorial or watch Brenda's Video on Youtube (Swellegant patina products, resin flower forms- more mixed media options)

In this tutorial, I am sharing my newest designs using cameos and settings from B'sue Boutiques

Resin cameos :
~ Deco style pink maiden in meadow with deer SKU cam68
~ Dragonfly cameo 40 x 30 mm SKU cam63
~ Flamingo cameo 25 x 18mm SKU cam26

~ Choc ox floral open floral cameo mount SKU mount47
~ brass ox leafy mount SKU mount10
~ ornate cameo mount raw brass SKU mount 29
~ Swellegant metal paints in bronze, brass, iron
~ Swellegant patinas darkening, tiffany green/rust, gold-green /v gris
~ Vintaj patinas from weathered copper set moss and v gris spectrum noir pen in pink

~ Paintbrushes, spray bottles, heat gun beads, sari ribbon, 22 ga wire for beaded wrapped loops, 24ga wire for wrapping

To begin with, I painted the cameos and settings using swellegant metal paint, and then applied patinas

Once dry, using acrylic paint (but gilders paste would work fine too) I highlighted some of the details.

The dragonfly necklace was simply constructed using elements as connectors and with wrapped loop beaded sections. The circlet features were made by looping the wire through the filigree and threading beads onto the center. I loved the art nouveau style to the dragonfly with lilies and chose a color scheme in keeping, with greens and blues.

I made some beaded wrapped loop sections using wire, to use as connectors. After attaching it together I decided that although I liked the plain brass ox finish on the cameo it needed a little vavaVOOM. Using Vintaj patinas and a spectrum noir pen added some color!

The rusty black flamingo cameo necklace was quick and easy to put together, the cameo was glued into the setting. Then simply used a bail art nouveau foldover, which was wired onto the hanging loop of the setting and glued on the reverse. A heavy Victorian key and black heart attached to the chain and you are done!

Pink Maiden in a meadow with a deer cameo was glued into the open floral setting and then painted a couple of light coats with Swellegant in bronze ( I LOVE that color even on its own). It toned perfectly with the choc ox setting. I added a light coat to the setting also and applied the tiffany green/rust patina. For the stringing, some beautiful bronze-colored sari ribbon was wire wrapped with coordinating beads added as I went along. You could add a fastener or simply tie on.


Linzi Alford IS the Magpie in MagPie In The Sky Designer Jewellery in the UK. A penchant for glittery pretty things has led her to become a jewelry maker. Lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of England -the Lake District and is Mum to 3 (and Mimi the cat!) She trained in Silversmithing at Evening classes a few years ago and is a regular attendee at the local Artisan Collective Roaming Gallery. Photography is also a passion and she likes to incorporate her love of this with her jewelry collections using her photos as part of the creations.

Would you like to design a project for our website? All designers will get full credit, links to their website and a gift certificate to spend any way they like at B'sue Boutiques website. Contact B'sue for details at [email protected]

Swellegant Cameos! Resin Cameos and Settings Swellegant With Pantina By Linzi Alford



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