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Dried Flowers Resin Pendant By Cindy Cima Edwards

Dried Flowers Resin Pendant By Cindy Cima Edwards

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Using dried flowers can help to personalize your designs. The Purple pendant was created using flowers and leaves from my dad's yard which will make a very special necklace for me when I finish it! Iced Enamels create a perfect background for these elements and Ice Resin seals them permanently!


  • ICE Resin Plunger (PLUNGER)
  • Iced Enamels Powder:
    • Chartreuse Relique (powderchartreuse)
    • Pewter Relique (pewterpowder)
    • Iced Enamels Relique Glitz, Gold (glitzgold)
    • Iced Enamels Medium (Iced Enamels Medium)
  • Lumiere Paints, Metallics: Olive Green and Pearlescent Violet (LumiereMetallic)
  • 40x30mm Pendant Top Mount, Brass Ox (mt03821)
  • 40x30mm Pendant Top Mount, Silverware Silver Plate (mount30)
  • Various dried flowers and leaves
  • Mod PodgeTOOLS:
    • Non-stick craft sheet
    • Toothpick
    • Popsicle stick
    • Baby wipes
    • Sheet of paper
    • Craft heat gun
    • Iced Enamels brush (icedbrushes)


1. Pick flowers and press in a book for a few weeks. These will shrink and fade a bit.

2. Use brush to apply a thin layer of Iced Enamel medium to the 40x30mm brass ox pendant and place on a sheet of paper.

3. Sprinkle a generous amount of Chartreuse Relique enamel powder on bezel. Hold the bezel up so the excess powder falls onto the paper and set the bezel onto a non stick craft sheet. Pour the excess powder back into the container.

4. Use heat gun to heat the side of the bezel then top. (Heating the metal from the side first will help keep the enamel powder from flying away.)

5. Place pendant on paper again and apply a thin coat of Enamel medium. Sprinkle a small amount of gold Relique Glitz and heat again as in step 4.

6. Apply a coat of Mod Podge and place dried flowers and leaves as desired. Carefully apply another coat of Mod Podge on top of flowers. (Use tooth pick if necessary to move elements around or to push down into the adhesive.) Set aside to dry.

7. Work on a nonstick craft sheet or tape some wax paper or garbage bag over work area. Mix ICE Resin® following manufacturer's instructions. Drip some resin in the center of the bezel. Allow the resin to spread a bit before adding more if needed. It is best to only apply a thin layer of resin to a shallow bezel, Allow to dry overnight then prepare and add more resin to achieve a slight dome.


1. Use Lumiere paints to paint inside of the 40x30mm Pendant silverware silver plated bezel. Set aside until dry.

2. Apply enamel medium as in step 2 for the "Green pendant". Repeat steps 3 and 4 as for the green pendant using Pewter Relique powder. Apply enamel powder in a thinner layer so the paint will show through. I used a little of the lumiere paints to apply a bit of purple to the purple flower because it was faded.

3. Repeat steps 6 and 7 as for the "Green Pendant"

Tip 1. You can use pressing sheets to press your flowers in the book to help protect the book.
Tip 2. If resin has been over poured, you can gently wipe away excess using a baby wipe. You will need to watch it for about 15 to 20 minutes while occasionally wiping.

Cindy Cima Edwards is a published jewelry designer and a member of the 2012-2013 ICE Resin® Creative Team!

"Designing jewelry provides me with the creative outlet I have searched for most of my life. It allows me the freedom to create with little-to-no rules, using endless combinations of color and textures, as well as continue to learn new skills and techniques".

Visit her blog or Etsy shop you like to design a project for our website? All designers will get full credit, links to their website and a gift certificate to spend any way they like at B'sue Boutiques website. Contact B'sue for details at
[email protected]

Dried Flowers Resin Pendant By Cindy Cima Edwards



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